Written by TS

20 Apr 2018

I watched my first gloryhole movie on the internet and became hooked, while I considered myself very straight. I started becoming aroused after watching cock been sucked through a hole in the wall, and even though I loved pussy so much, I started to think what it would be like to actually suck a cock, beautiful women were doing it all the time, so just that put the thought into my head that it might not be so bad. After a while it became a obsession, and really started to fantasice about it. Wondering how it would feel putting a nice hard cock in my mouth, and sucking till it cum.

I decided to setup a gloryhole at home, by putting a curtain up with a hole, I then advertised on the internet, and got quiet a few responses, but most were just people mucking around until finally I got one.

I was so nervouse when I gave him the details, and then set it all up, I must admit while I was waiting I was so nervous, I knew it also could be dangerous, I have never fely like this in my whole life.

Finally he arrived, I waited behind the curtain, I was so nervous, then all off a sudden , it was like a dream, was I really going to do this, I was still not sure.

Then it happened, a cock , a big beautiful hard cock about 8 inches came through the hole, I looked at it and I first touched it with my hand, it was so hard.

At this point I was so overcome I lunched with my mouth and fully put it in my mouth, it felt so good, at this point all I wanted to do was suck and give this person the best blowjob ever, I wanted to feel it grow, it felt so good, it was smooth and I then licked both his ball, and then slowly licked all the way up the shaft until I was back on the big purple knob. I emmediately slowly put it into my mouth and started to suck and the same time licking, I was in heaven. All I wanted to do now was make him cum so hard.

He then yelled out that he was cumming, this just made me suck harder, so instead of taking him out of my mouth, I let him cum full force into my mouth the whole time sucking as hard as I could. I really did not think that I would have done this but I was not thining but was so turned on, I swallowed some of the cum but some I put onto my hand in which I used for lubricant around my already hard cock.

I was addicted. I have since done this over 20 times,.

My fantasy that I have left is , is there a girl that I can share this with who really would like to try this out, and we can do it together. I wonder is there such a girl.