Written by Lindyloo

6 Apr 2011

We had know each other for years, went to high school together but were in different groups. Had past thru life, seeing each other at social events, birthdays, wedding etc and didn’t really connect until I moved back down. We were both in relationships from time to time and it never even crossed my mind to see him that way, then one weekend we went camping. It was a group weekend and I was single, he wasn’t but he came alone, she had something else on so he came with us anyhow. It was the first night I had seen him with out her clinging to his side. He was different, still himself but more relaxed. Enjoying the time apart I suppose. It was late, the fire was raging, beers had been flowing for hours and we were playing music trivia with the radio. I got up to go to the bathroom and he said he would walk with me. As we left the light of the fire behind, he grabbed my hand, pulled me towards the bush and kissed the life out of me. I was shocked to start with, being an old friend, in a long term relationship but his tongue and mouth were so sweet and hungry I couldn’t help but to respond. My hands clung to his shoulders as his hands started to wander down along my arms, inside along my torso, thumbs shaping my breasts, down along to my hips, where there he pulled me hard against him and I felt exactly what this was doing to him, we pulled apart then, eyes glazed , short of breathe, hearts hammering inside our ribcages. I grabbed his hand and we started to go deeper into the darkness. No words were spoken. We both knew what was happening so no need to clarify anything with words. Found a dead tree that had fallen over but not quite flat along the ground. Perfect height to lean against. I turned to him and his head came down and lips connected with mine again. This time they were soft and gentle. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue and he groaned. Just quietly but loud enough to make me quiver. His hands held my face, caressing my cheeks with his fingers, my hands found his jeans and I started to rub my palm along his swollen hot cock. He jerked back. Must not have been prepared for that, but now I was hot, wet and wanting that cock deep inside me. I stood back, still in arms reach, but enough for him to see how turned on I was, the look in my eyes must have told him what ever it was he was silently asking because then he slide his hands down my jeans, cupped my pussy and started to grind his fingers against me, thru the fabric. I wanted more. Grabbing the top of his jeans, I started to undo the top button. “ Not here” he whispered so I went back to palming him. We were both panting by now. The thought of what we were doing must have driven us both on and up because soon I was cumming. It was so wrong but so good all at the same time. He took my hand, lead me back to the clearing and walked to the toilet block. It was late, no one around so I pulled him into the boys toilets, into a cubicle. This time he was in control. He undid my jeans, kissing along my throat, neck, collar bone, fingers pulling my jeans apart and down to my knees. Putting the lid on the seat down, I knelt down, butt facing him, jeans still on one leg. He didn’t wait, spread my cheeks open and plunged that engorged hot hard and very big cock into me, deep, balls deep in one fast stroke. I cam instantly, my pussy throbbing and I let out an explosive moan. He put his hand over my mouth and proceeded to fuck me so fast and hard, I cam over and over. His fingers squeezed my nipples so hard it hurt and I sucked the hand that was in my mouth to stop myself from screaming out. “ Quick” he whispered “come suck this load for me” I spun around and he cam in my mouth. Hot cum running down my throat, he ran his hands threw my hair, pulling my face closer to his cock to suck up and drink what he had for me. I stood up then, tided myself up and left him standing there, leaning against the wall, getting his breathe back. Eventually we made our way back to our site and friends. Nobody said anything but I know we were gone for quite a while so either they didn’t care or just never realized how long we were gone. I went to bed satisfied and spent that night. We see each other still. Infact I was a guest at his wedding…. That’s another story….