Written by Director

13 Aug 2013

My cousin and his wife live in Hong Kong. We'll call them Mark and Lisa. They are both dark skinned, tall and quite good looking. Both have good jobs and have moved to Hong Kong for their work. They live an extravagant life and party all the time. They have two kids but both are in Australia at boarding school. They invited us to spend a holiday there for two weeks. We'll call my wife Alice and I'll use the name Paul. Well we had been in Hong Kong for about four days and had just gone to a great restaurant. We had been paryting every night. It was quite hot over there. On this particular night, Lisa was wearing an extremely short dress and wedges. Lisa had put on a little weight around her tits, belly and arse but she had divine legs. because Lisa was tall she could carry the weight and looked very very sexy. Alice wore a flowing dress top that tied at the waist and wedges as well. Alice is quite short 5"2' with big tits and a nice round arse. We have an open relationship and have had multiple partners before.

After dinner we went dancing and danced with each other and other friends of Mark and Lisa all night. Mark and Lisa have a maid from Indonesia and she is cute. She is tiny, with tiny tits but a nice arse and shapely legs. During that day, Paul and I were at a club having a drink and I asked Paul if he had fucked the maid saying that must be a fantasy of his. He said that he would love to but it would cause too many problems. He had indicated that Hong Kong is a real playground and a lot of expats had affairs. I asked if he had an affair and he admitted that both he and Lisa had affairs but nothing serious. He said that he and Lisa would pick up couples and swing in their home. He then said that Alice was cute and that if we both lived there it would not take long before we were sleeping around as well. This made me quite horny and I asked if Paul would introduce me to some of his female friends. He had a laugh and said that I need not look far and suggested Lisa. I didn't know what to say except "well you're not wrong there - she's hot" and took a big drink.

Well Lisa and Alice had gone out during the days to spas and restaurants etc and had also got on the subject of each other's sex lives. Alice had informed me that Lisa had also told her that both she and Paul would swing but preferred to swap in the privacy of their own home. We talked about whether we would have sex with Paul and Lisa and both thought it would be something we would both like to do if the opportunity came up. This made both Alice and I very horny and we had fucked every night on the holiday so far.

Well we had finally arrived home at Paul and Lisa's condo after dancing. Paul, Alice and myself were sitting in the lounge room. Lisa had gone upstairs for some reason. Paul brought a bottle of port and poured a glass of port for each of us. We were all pretty tipsy and horny. Paul was sitting on the lounge next to Alice and having a quiet chat. I knew they were flirting with each other, both touching each other slightly on the knees, legs, hands etc without even realising it. Lisa came down and sank in the lounge next to me. She leant forward and grabbed her port, raised a toast and drink it in one hit. She looked at me with glazed eye and blew a kiss in my direction. I felt awkward and horny at the same time. I looked to Paul and Alice and they were deeply engrossed with each other as if they were all alone. I then saw Alice kiss Paul and looked as she grabbed his hand and moved it to her tits. Alice then stood up and removed the tie around her dress and unbuttoned it to show her bra and g string. I must admit Alice looked really hot that night. Alice straddled Paul and began to kiss him.

By this time, Lisa had her hand on my cock, massaging it through my pants. Her dress was so short that it had crept up and I had full view of her panties. Like I said, Alice had put on a bit of weight but she looked sexy and slutty at the same time. I started to kiss Alice and she then stood up and unzipped her dress. Her dress fell to the floor and she stood there braless with lacy low cut panties and wedges. yes, she looked really slutty and I wanted to fuck her badly. I leaned forward and pulled Lisa's panties down. Alice then lifted my shirt over my head while I kicked off my shoes and took my pants and undies off. Lisa then knelt in front of me and sucked by cock. God it was good. I also saw that Alice was sucking Paul too. Paul then completely undressed, grabbed Alice like she was a doll as she was little compared to Paul who was over 6 foot. he just pushed Alice on her back onto the lounge and plunged his big dark brown cock inside my wife. he then proceeded to pound her hard.

I then moved Lisa off me and asked her to kneel on the lounge. Oh the sight of Lisa's dark skinned body with her large but very firm arse made me so horny that I almost came there and then. I positioned myself behind Lisa and slowly pushed my cock inside her. I started slow then progressed the pace until my thighs were slapping against her arse cheeks. I was going so hard that my cock would sometimes slip out and rub up against her arse hole. God it was good and it wasn't long before I shot my load inside her pussy. Lisa then turned around and started to suck my cock. I always feel weak at the knees when my wife or someone else sucks my cock after I cum but I was too horny and let Lisa continue. By this time, Paul had Alice on her knees on the lounge and was banging her in a similar fashion to what I was just doing to his wife and he too blew his load within a few minutes.

We all crashed on the lounge and Lisa then asked me if I would like to go back to their bedroom for the night. OI looked at Alice and she winked at me as to say it was ok. Lisa grabbed me by the hand and we left. Paul and Alice remained downstairs and I'm not sure how long they were down there but within a few hours I could hear them fucking in our room. Lisa and I fucked all night. At one time, I think I fucked her missionary style whilst she was asleep, I'm not sure. I woke up in the morning and Lisa was in the shower. She came bak all dripping wet and went straight to my cock and gave me a morning blow job. I stopped her and pushed on her back. All the covers were on the floor by now and Lisa just laid there with her firm body lying in front of me. She spread her legs wide to expose her pussy to me and I just ploughed my cock inside her fucking her like a wild animal.

Well that was day five of our visit and we ended up fucking each other's partner on most nights. We partied hard and it was a fantastic holiday. There only thing that I wanted to do on that holiday was to fuck the maid but it wasn't to be...maybe on another trip.