10 Feb 2019

I do a lot of travel for my work, often meaning long weeks away and long flights home. Recently I was away for a fortnight. As a rule, I don’t misbehave while I am away, nor do I masturbate. This means that I’m typically pretty horny by time I get home. My wife is aware of this and usually has a surprise for me, so on this occasion, I was looking forward to what Mac had in mind.

The normal routine is for me to get dropped off by the taxi, say hello and go straight upstairs to shower and rid myself of the smell of travel. I arrived home late, Mac had been shopping while I was away and she was wearing the spoils of her purchases; a pink babydoll, sheer hold up stockings, and silk knickers. She looked incredibly hot and I knew she had a plan to please me that evening.

I went straight to the bathroom, stripped and got in to the shower. It was unusual, but Mac had put a chair in the en suite and she had followed me up. While I was soaping myself, Mac started to play with her boobs and glide the back of her hand down her sides and stomach. As I cleaned myself, she pushed her hand down her knickers, leaning back in the chair, closed her eyes and started to feel herself.

What can a man do? I instantly had a rush of blood to my manhood, sprang to life, and rushed to wash myself off and get out of the shower.

Mac waited until I had already started to dry myself, which in itself was a source of amusement for her as I struggled to pat myself dry with my protruding erection and my throbbing head. She decided that I was not clean enough so ordered me back in to the shower proclaiming that there wouldn’t be any touching until I was satisfactorily clean.

I was in agony, but followed her order and returned reluctantly to the shower.

At which point Mac leaned back again and carried on where she had left off. This time however, while rubbing her clit, she slid her knickers to the side, not only to reveal her shaved pussy, but also a jewel encrusted, metal buttplug, already inserted. This was a new purchase as she’s never had one before and has never even shown much interest in anal.

Now my mind was racing and my erection was straining. But I knew that I had to resist and do a proper job of getting clean and dry.

I didn’t take my eyes off Mac while I was getting dry. She was lost in her world, whilst also conscious that she was teasing me.

She was obviously looking as forward to the evening as I was, because still sat on the chair with her eyes closed and her finger rubbing her clit, a frown ran across her forehead, her pelvis raised up, and she exhumes a loud breathe; then her rubbing slowed. Orgasm 1.

I was transfixed. She opened her eyes, smiled, pushed her knickers to where they should be, reach out and got up, and lead me by my hard cock from the en suite to the bedroom. We didn’t go to the bed though. She positioned me naked on her dressing table chair and reached behind and cuffed my wrists to the chair. Both wrists with 2 sets of handcuffs: another purchase.

She lingered over my lips with a long sensual kiss, then rubbed my cock for a few seconds to ensure the tension was still there. She turned around, slipped her knickers completely off and bent over a little bit to offer me a better view of her bottom and protruding butt plug.

She then showed me 3 more of her purchases: a new glass dildo, a new satisfyer vibrator and a mask.

She deprived me of my sense of sight by covering my eyes with the mask. I was already deprived of touch, being handcuffed. All I had was a sense of smell and hearing.

I heard her lean back on the bed and start her vibrator. She gradually switched up the settings and then I heard her cum. Orgasm 2. I couldn’t help myself and the first time in my life, I came without even being touched. I just spat cum, over and over again in my lap. All from the imagination of what Mac was doing with her toys on the bed while I was there helpless.

She felt sorry for me so came over and released my mask, but not my restraints. Even though I had cum, I was so aroused that I was still hard.

She told me that she was still incredibly horny and hadn’t yet used her new dildo. My reward for remaining hard was that I could watch this time, because she said the benefit of the satisfying was that it induced multiple orgasms and she had been practicing during the weeks that I was away.

So this time, I was able to watch as my wife again laid back on the bed, closed her eyes and inserted her new glass dildo in her pussy while placing the satisfyer on her clit; all to go along with her new buttplug

It wasn’t long before my cock was straining again. But this time Mac was more vocal as her orgasm built and she not only trembled, but audibly moaned as several seconds of euphoria swept throughout her body. Orgasm 3.

Now she got up, felt the bed and announced that there was a large wet patch. She’s never really squirted, but had done on this occasion and was very, very pleased with herself. She said it was the feeling of fullness of the dildo and the buttplug and that she wanted to keep the plug in when fucking me.

I was not going to argue, so Mac came over to me. I was still restrained and messing from my first explosion, but also very hard again.

She straddled me as I remained passive and she just went to town. Firstly riding me face to face and then turning around and leaning towards the floor and riding me. This was incredibly sexy to see my cock move in and out of her, but also feel the plug in her arse. The pressure was immense. It was obvious that she was lost in her passion and after a few minutes she came again. Orgasm 4.

That did it for me and I shot my load.

Now we were both really messy, so Mac climbed off, I cuffed me and allowed me to take out her plug. We were both tired so decided to shower together. The problem was that once we showered, the act of soaping each other and feeling each other’s bodies, made us aroused again. So we went back to bed. I felt the massive wet patch from earlier. And Mac, who was still calling the shots slipped me in from behind. The thrusting was more sedate this time.

After a while, Mac slipped me out and repositioned me in her bottom. She reached for her silicone dildo and slipped it in to her pussy saying that she wanted to try double penetration for the first time and that the plug had really made her feel comfortable. She also wanted to be full up.

We fucked for a while. She came, I came. Orgasm 5. She got cleaned up and we went to sleep.

It was an incredible evening.

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