Written by tommy10

6 May 2011

I was so nervous as i turned the door knob, four of us had been selected to fulfill her fantasy. The brief was clear, no kissing, no touching just fuck her hard and fast no longer then 10 minutes.

I entered the room, my eyes quickly focused on the bed where she laid, she was naked with arms and legs tied, a blind fold covered her eyes, nipples erect she seemed aroused. Undoing my buttons i removed my shirt quickly followed by my pants, before i knew it i was standing next to her, naked, my cock fully erect desiring her wet pussy. Moving between her parted legs i positioned my cock ready to enter her, the urge to lick her pussy was enormous, to suck on those well defined breasts and kiss her slender neck, but i was just to fuck her nothing else.

I knew she was ready, her back was arching and her breathing had increased, i slid my naked body over hers before raising my upper torso with my arms, i gripped my thick cock and slowly entered her moist fanny. A quick gasp followed by an effort to brake free of her restraints showed she was now excited, as i withdrew my cock i watched her pussy lips slide along my shaft, soaking wet i began to quicken the pace.

My cock was being massaged by her tight pussy, thrusting in and out then i realized i could only pleasure her with my dick, no rubbing her clit, biting her sensual nipples or exploring her mouth with my tongue. As i had no eye contact i could only judge her reactions by body motions, trying different angles with my cock i found a position that seemed to arouse her most, deep penetrations brought on moans of pleasure and a desire to fight her bonds, her breasts rising to within millimetres of my mouth.

I tightened my butt and fucked her furiously, pounding her now saturated pussy, as her breathing again quickened i fucked harder and harder, my balls tingling with the approaching pleasure, some deep long strokes was enough to make me shot my cum.

I fell to her breast and felt her warm body, i gave a few slow pumps, not wanting to take my cock out but there was one last request, i removed the condom and dripped the contents over her breasts, she stiffened as the cum ran over her hardened nipples and over her pale skin.

Lifting myself off i couldn't help but to stare at her beautiful naked body, the curves, her hair she still had me hard, my cock throbbed wanting more, standing fully erect her juices gave a shiny appearance in the light.

I gathered my clothing and went to leave when as i began to turn the knob i heard her say "thanks Tommy"

Remember every woman has a special quality, its up to you to notice it.

Yep, drunk, in a hotel room, fucking bored and missing home.