Written by Anonymous

22 Feb 2020

Are fantasys ment to be forfilled?...in my wife's case...yes..Lisa..my wife has always loved sex..and is in her late thirties...I am 10yrs older and have always had a healthy outlook on our sex life...we had threesomes ..once in a blue moon..but they never seem to hit the mark..So it was a shock when I looked over the lounge one morning to see my wifewife casually scrolling through vidios of groups of black men gang banging white women...she blushed and quickly closed the site..I said nothing..but was sure as he'll going to find out what she was into...the minute I was home alone I tapped in the name of the site..I spent over an hour looking at interracial sex..as well as reading about the kink in general...like a tar baby it soon had me stuck...a few nights later.. we were in bed..as I slow screwed Lisa from behind..I whispered in her ear.."you want to fuck a black cock...don't you?"..her reply came in frenzied bucking back on my cock..and shortly after..a loud orgasm.. she gasp"its only a fantasy baby"..I left it at that..but 1 week later..Lisa called me into our room...then on her laptop showed me her favorite vidio ...it showed a pretty young woman being held down by her husband as your fit black men fucked her..."it gets me so wet" she softly said.. now I was convinced..I laid my plans..first..2 weeks of joining..then in most cases..leaving sex dating/swinging sites/providers....I joined a newly launched swingers site...it was there I began to engage with a group...meeting some open and wonderfully honest couples ..and husbands ..eventually I confided my idea to a couple of similar age...I was surprised that they both not only thought my idea was hot...but they had actually done something similar a couple of years back..not even a week passed before the couple and myself meet at a suburban coffe shop....they both put me at ease with there friendly manor..soon we were deep into the subject of hotwifing /sharing and interracial sex....then as we stood to leave....his wife handed me a flash drive...and said "watch this alone....if it's what you want for Lisa.. and what she wants...call us..we can help."...well I would love to say I eventually got round to seeing

what was on the drive....but we all know that's bullshit....I got my laptop and locked myself in my shed..Lisa was out anyway..

.But you never know.....it contained 4 hrs of vidio footage....at first there was a well lit bedroom....no one was in the room...but the angle and views changed ...multiple cameras ..nice I thought to myself....as the view of the room changed it became obvious the cams were concealed..then with longer hair and a few kilos lighter..the husband of the couple ...I had just met ..let's call him "sam"..entered the picture..moving to a door that screamed connecting room...he softly knocked..a few seconds passed and you could hear a lock turn ...then the door slowly opened..just enough to tease me ..you couldn't see anything but darkness..sam simply said"20 minutes"....a short muffled reply came from the dim room...just as quickly sam softly closed the door...he exited the bedroom with a deviout smile on his face..then voices....muffled at 1st...but as sam entered the view..leading his wife gently by the hand..you could clearly understand all being said.."get on the bed...Tracey "..sam ordered...with out breaking eye contact..his wife mounted the huge bed..as she did you could see her hot body ..near perfect breasts not huge but more than a handful..a tight ass...lovely legs...her dark hair cascading down to her shoulders...she only wore matching bra and panties..and the bra struggled to contain her assets..as she positioned herself against the pillows at the head of the bed...she was a very beautiful..confident woman...now sam moved next to her..with out a word he took her left hand and tied a thick velvet rope around her wrist.."what are you doing sam?"..Tracey quietly spoke..sam continued with out answering her..firmly finishing the knot ..which restrained her left hand to the bed head.."it's so you can't escape baby..."sam said matter a factly ...as he repeated the rope work on her right..now the dark haired woman lay back her body cushioned by soft pillows...and her arms firmly restrained.....sam then sat on the bed.....then held up a thick white blindfold ...stretching it tight between his hands..."Oh...what are you going to do with that?"...Tracey nervously spoke...sam laughed...and tied the blindfold securely around Tracey head "it's part of he ritual baby" sam spoke in an low voice..as he checked the blindfold....as he stood to leave the room..Tracey.. squirmed ..testing the ropes ....and now clearly nervous about what was to happen..."what did you mean by part of the ritual?...what ritual?...sam did not answer...only the sound of drums..and moans..screams..woven together into awesome mood music...sam returned to the room...and quickly disrobed ..he was clearly excited..his cock maybe 7" average girth stood totally erect....he checked his watch...then silently moved to the door...and opened it inward....instantly a tall figure..moved through the door...without a sound(the music seemed to cover any noise)as the light of the room showed..he was nearly 6ft..athletic..black African ..as he stood by the bed..his cock unerect reached a long way down his thigh...then another silently moved into the room..he was shorter..but powetfully..built..as he turned and faced the bed..his member was all to impressive..hugely thick...with a head that seemed to make up half of his cock..another tall black man entered...and right behind him..a athletic well muscled African..both stood by the bed...they to were big guys..all four men gazed down on Tracey...there eyes locked on her body..there prize restrained to the bed..still unaware of there prescence...Sam stood at the end of the bed stroking his cock..he smiled wickedly..."You asked about a ritual Tracey?"..he said confidently ...."Yes .."she purred...."well ...you are about to be in one"...sam said firmly..."what sort of ritual sam???"her words ..sharp ..to the point....trying to regain the upper hand....she pulled against the ropes..sensing others in the room.

.."Sam Who else is here..!!"..her answer came ...her husband mounted the bed..leaned close ... and as he stroked Tracey hair.."well Tracey..I will explain..in central Africa.. and I the West of that continent existed a couple of extremely powerful tribes..they were different from most..they believed that after overturning...a rival tribe..all prisoners that survived the battle should be put to death...ensuring that there blood line was never weakened...the only exception was priestesses ..and her court...they believed these women had magic..but only if they were virgins..it would be bad luck to kill them...so they were taken to there villages..where the most endowed and virile warriors..would as a group of four...would impregnate them ...in a sex ritual..known loosely today as wife breeding".....Tracey firmly said "no sam...we never discussed this ....untie me and get who ever is here out...now!"...her answer was laughter

....all 5 men laughed ..Tracey yelled in protest..to be released .. "no my wife ...it is to late " Sam turned to the Alfa male..."take her ...she is yours to breed"...Tracey pleaded to stop..But the Alfa male boomed.."quiet woman ...it is done..we are your husbands tonight..!..sam will hold you down and we will taste you..you will obey us..by morning you will call us master!..Tracey screamed as strange hands took control of her legs...strong hands gripped her ankles...pulling her to the centre of the bed her bonds released ...then sam knelt over her head and pinned her arms down above her head...Tracey body struggled ..twisted and bucked with fury..all futile ..it only heightened the males excitement ....making there cocks grow harder...they were eager to enjoy her body...freely offered..or not


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