Written by party shagger

17 Feb 2013

I was at a mates party not long ago, there were probably 60-70 people but I didn't know many. I wasn't drinking which made the night drag along slightly for me. One of the people I did know at this party was my mates girlfriend and she was looking sexy in a relatively short blue dress and tall heels. She's a bit out of his league and he knows he done well for himself. She is very flirty and did have a reputation for being a little bit slutty at times when she drinks. Anyway it was getting towards midnight, a few people had left, I was beginning to tire and I was a bit bored. I looked for my mate to tell him I was leaving but I couldn't find him and I hadn't seen him for at least 30 minutes. I went inside the house even though he had told people not go in we're good mates he wont mind. I walked around went to his second living room at the back of the house. As I poked my head around the corner I saw a lot of skin and unfortunately my first sight was his hairy ass. He was with his girlfriend, she was on her knees sucking his cock.

At first my reaction was to turn around and leave, but I had a change of heart deciding I'd like to see what she looks like naked. I turned my head back around the corner slightly but the couch at this time was blocking my view so I waited. She stood up after 5 minutes or so, shes stood behind the couch but I can see most of her body now her tits aren't huge but they are a perky, firm c cup. She has a tight body from the training she does and toned athletic legs. She lays on the couch out of my view and my mate is faced away from me as he begins fucking her, I'm yet to see if he is hung. He starts to slowly thrust into her, she starts to moan and groan as he pounds her pussy faster. The noises are getting me quite horny and my cock is growing in my pants. They change position after a few minutes with her riding his cock while facing just to the left of where I am , she has her face down with her chest pressed against his face. As she looks up she glances in my direction, I try to slightly duck behind the corner while still being able to see the action. She is still looking and had to have seen me, when she smiles at me I realize she has definitely seen but instead of screaming or stopping and telling him, she starts fucking him even harder and keeps looking at me smiling. They both get up to change positions, as they do I get a glimpse of his cock. It's nothing special, 6 inch, not thick and im being a little generous with that measurement. She tells him to lay on the floor, so she is riding him again so she is riding him reverse cowgirl facing me with her head just showing over the couch. As shes riding him I can see that shes trying to mouth something to me. I think shes telling me to show her my cock. Im not sure so i just keep watching her, after a few more attempts I can definitely tell what she wants me to do. So I unzip the front of my jeans and slip my semi hard cock out and she smiles. Then she mouths another word to me, "leave". Slightly odd but I do so anyway, don't need to piss her off after I've been perving on her for 20 minutes. So I leave with the memory of her naked body fixed in my head.

It's about 12.45 in the morning when I get home, Im wide awake after seeing that display and I decide to eat before trying to sleep. I make some food and eat. By now it's about 1.15, I receive a text. It's from my mates girlfriend she says "Im spending the night at yours, you better be awake". Being horny and having just seen her naked an hour earlier, I stay up and wait for her. I wait about half an hour before hearing a car pull up outside, has to be her. I go to the door to let her in, she's comes up to the door and walks in, says hi and asks to use the bathroom. She's wearing the same dress and heels from the party and I can't help but stare at her ass as she walks to the bathroom. I go and sit in the kitchen and wait for her to come back out. Shes in there for a good 10 minutes and im thinking shes definitely up to something. She walks out and comes in to the kitchen, to my surprise she has changed into a blue lace bra, matching g-string and her big heels. She stands in front of me, i run my eyes up her body to her eyes and simply say "what are you doing?". She replies with "getting what I want and that is your cock", I get up and walk away saying "I cant". She pulls me back and I give no resistance. She pushes me down onto the chair and sits on my lap. She puts her arms over my shoulders and pulls my face into her breasts, shaking them on my facing and slapping me with them. My cock is getting hard again and she leans in to my lips and kisses me softly. Then she leans back and smiles at me before starting to grind on my cock. I've given up all resistance now and my penis is doing the thinking. I remove her bra and start sucking on her hard nipples. She slides off me, down to the floor and unzips and unbuttons my jeans sliding them off me leaving me in my underwear, my hard cock lying on its side, the fabric tightly wrapping around the outline of my big tool. She all but rips my underwear off and starts sucking my dick, it feels amazing. She seems unsatisfied and hungry for large cock, and right now Im more than willing to provide it to her. She swallows it as deep as she can leaving a few inches untouched. I lift her onto the kitchen table and slide her wet panties off, leaving her heels on because I like a girl in heels. I slide my cock into her tight, wet, shaven pussy. She gives a slight yelp as my cock penetrates her hole. As she begins to take it well, I start to really give it to her fucking her hard and making her scream a little bit. I find myself having to constantly pull her back to the edge of the table as my thrusts push her across the table. I pull her down to her feet and flip her over and push her stomach down to the table so her ass is up. I give her ass a spank and shove my cock back in her pussy, slamming it hard and fast hearing the slap of my thighs against her ass. After a few minutes i pick her with my arms around her waste, carrying her into the lounge and sitting on the couch. She sits on my cock facing her ass towards me so I can watch it bounce up and down on my cock. Being as horny as I was this night, I fucked hard and fast, so by now I am ready to cum. I get her on her knees and shoot a big load on her tits, spreading it around with the tip of my cock and then having her clean the head of my cock off.

That night was one I enjoyed, He is still my friend because he doesnt know, she comes around regularly to satisfy her needs and I have a fuck buddy. All turned out well.