31 Aug 2019

Tokyo, Japan. February. Snow. Wind. FUCKING FREEZING! I was on my way down from the caldera of Mount Fuji. Justin was with me (I call him JP). JP and I were in Tokyo for Production Management Training. We worked for a Japanese Dairy Company. Meiji had a Joint Venture in Victoria; manufacturing Infant Formula for the Asian market. It was a green-field plant. JP was to run the Powder Plant. I was to run the Packaging Plant. We had to understand each other’s area to cover ourselves.

It was the final 8 hours, of a 14 day straight, intensive training program. We had worked 16 hours a day, in two hour blocks. Then we would have dinner at 10pm. We were lucky to get 6 hours sleep. This Mount Fuji trip was supposed to be a “Rest and Recreation” afternoon.

Meiji’s staff worked at least 12 hours 6 days a week. They took Sunday’s off to clean their houses and so on. They were married to their company. ‘One man. One Job. One Company’; was their motto. The Japanese were the most Alien culture I had ever experienced. And Meiji were Aliens within that. This story starts on the flight over.


Qantas. Business class. JP was watching porn on his video. (This was before smart phones). I think this was a first. A guy who was hornier, all the time; than I was. We had known each other for 8 years. We had met at a previous company: Kraft Foods. I wasn’t bi, at that stage. Well. I was; but didn’t know it. “Parso. Do you think they will have Geisha’s that put out”? “It will depend on where we go and how much we pay. Also, our position in the hierarchy”.

He knew all about this. Meiji was highly structured. The Alpha Male was always the most Senior Manager. All subordinates had to be at work and standing at the table, before he arrived. They were not to sit until he did and nodded. They were not to leave the table without his express permission. You could imagine how two 29 year old Aussie country guys would fit in here! JP had a completely different approach to me. He was a natural Alpha Male. I was not. JP made no effort at all to learn their culture or language. I was still learning Japanese and reading about their culture; 18 months in. I could get by in certain subjects; like: Factory, Supermarket, Travel, Pub, Sex, Restaurant and a little Engineering, Science and of course, mathematics.

Knowing this small amount, in hindsight, was more dangerous and damaging; because I came across as an idiot. They respected JP; because he behaved like a boss. My emotional self radiated innocence and sensitivity. Not exactly what is welcome in a Japanese board room. No woman was ever involved. It wasn’t misogynist. The whole culture accepted this as normal and healthy. Everyone was happy; until a problem arose. Then the ‘Machine’ would enact. They would gather together like academic ants. They would research and study; leaving no stone unturned. They would convene and work as long as it took. Sometimes, this was all night. Have you ever heard of the ‘Japanese Sleeping Pods”?


The first week was training within the Factory and the Processes. It was mostly the same as what we were used to. Except, Meiji had a Quality Control approach that was breath-taking. Everyone had a check sheet. Even the Alpha man himself. I will never forget when I was trained in can quality control. The Siatama Production Manager was a 52 year old Alpha. When the factory was running, he was more important than the GM. He had to be at the plant the entire time it was running. Sometimes this was 40 hours straight.

He told me up front “Adorian son. You are too young. I cannot train you”. Great. What a good start. This guy was 6 2. Built like a brick shit house and as hard and tough as nails. I replied “Kubota son. I will do my best; bowing to him, with my arms at attention”.

This stayed him a little. "Come with me". I followed. He led me to a warehouse. There were lithographically printed cans neatly stacked on pallets in rows and columns. The stacks were ruler (millimeter) perfect. We approached a lone pallet, that was standing naked; unwrapped. "Adorian son. I will leave you for 30 minutes. You will identify all the defects". He left. I studied. All I could see was perfection. No dents. No scratches. Even the pallet itself was perfectly brand new. I looked. I touched. I studied. I gave up.

Then he returned. "Show me the defects". I bowed "Kubota son. I could find no defects". He stiffened. "YOU MUST LOOK"! He started pointing them out. A tiny 3mm scuff mark. An almost invisible difference in colour. A 1mm dark rub mark on the rim. A misregistration by a tad on the nutritional panel. My training continued in the can filling room. It took 10 minutes to change to get in there. Full length pharmaceutical overalls. Boots. Gloves. Bee keepers helmet. Roll all over with a sticky roller. Through an air shower. Then sanitize the hands a second time and spray the boots with ethanol.

At 10pm, we had completed day one. I was mentally fucked. The pressure on me was immense as Kubota had set such a high standard and everyone knew it and complied. We were to have dinner with Mr Alpha himself and the senior managers. Everywhere we went, a Meiji driver would take us. He was dressed in proper uniform, shiny hat and white gloves. He delivered us to the restaurant. The management team were already there; drinking hot sake. We both elected a cold beer. Japan has awesome beer. My favorite was and still is, Asahi Dry. You can buy it on the street, ice cold out of a vending machine. The Japanese culture is so compliant, there isn't even a second thought given, to the possibility that under-aged kids will buy beer.

Shenzu (Mr Alpha) ordered Sushimi and passed it to me. I knew the custom. I had my piece then handed it back. "Adorian son. What did you learn today"? Kubota leant in to hear my response. "Shenzu son; I learnt that I know nothing". This got a smile from him; which was rare. Apparently that satisfied him, as the conversation turned to other things. The waitresses were dressed in tight fitting full body colorful dresses. They had the classic Japanese white facial make up, with their hair done in a bun with needles. They had to shuffle because the bottom of their dress was so close fitting. As the meal progressed, the atmosphere loosened considerably. A waitress was delivering another dish. She was standing very close to Shenzu. He moved his hand up the back inside of her dress onto her arse. She leant forward to accommodate him; allowing him his pleasure. JP's eyes were popping out of his head. She closed her eyes as he pleasured her. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. She obediently massaged him. Bringing him to erect. He unzipped his trousers. She knelt and started giving him head. Crikey; what a tiny cock. It would have been about 3 inches, fully erect.

It took her less that 2 minutes to get him off. She swallowed; stood; smoothed her dress and returned to the kitchen. "Shenzu son. Do you mind me asking. Are we all allowed to do that"? He ignored JP. One of the other guys answered. It was the Technical Manager, Mori. " If Shenzu son commands it". That fucked him. Disappointed; JP pulled his head in.

The week continued exactly as planned. Meiji had mapped the entire fortnight on an A3 sheet of paper. It was divided into grids, based on 8 2 hour blocks each day. It was all in Japanese. Our first task, prior to leaving Australia was to translate it ourselves. JP refused to. So I did it myself. We were having a coffee break on day 4. "I really want to fuck a Japanese woman". "What's stopping you"? "I've tried. But they look at me like I'm mad or something". I thought on this. I'll ask Toda. He was the Engineer and was easily the most liberated and open of all the Meiji team. Toda advised us where to go and what to do.

After the first night, we had our nights free. Well, from 10pm that is. Toda and a few of the more Junior guys had agreed to take us out. It was Thursday night. We were told to dress casual. They picked us up from our motel. We walked. It was snowing. But pleasant. No wind. The venue was like a club. It had a bar down one side and bench seat partitions. We sat and ordered beers. This was completely different to the first night. The guys had switched their behavior to the opposite of usual. If it is at all possible, they had turned feral. They couldn't handle their grog. Toda disappeared for a few minutes, then returned. Komatsu whispered to me: "Adorian son; you will like this". On cue, a line of girls paraded to our table. 8 of them. All young and dressed in sexy. Toda turned to JP and I "You may choose any of them". We both chose two each.

Mine sat at the table. One on each knee. It is difficult to tell age with Asians, as they are so clean and healthy. They could have been anywhere from 18 to 30. I didn't really care. Neither of them spoke English. I decided to keep my Japanese mouth shut; primarily to avoid embarrassment.

They were feeding me and giving me beer while I felt them both up, under the table. JP had already taken his to a room somewhere off to the side. I was in no hurry. My cock however, was rock hard. Both girls had expressed something akin to horror at my size. One of them spoke to Toda. I made some sense of it. She was saying she wasn't sure she wanted to have sex with me. She was worried I would hurt her. "Adorian son". "Yes, Toda son". "Please be very careful The girls are scared of you". I gently stood up allowing them both to stand. "Please tell them I have no desire to play with them if I scare them". I walked to the bar to get something stronger. Triple neat scotch. When I returned the girls were both on their knees with heads bent; facing me. "They are sorry Adorian son. They are worried they have upset you. I laughed, which eased the tension a little.

I grabbed them both by the hand and stood them up; sitting down again with them on my knee. I kissed them both. They relaxed. They were both very beautiful. Skinny. Flat chested. That lovely dark shiny Asian hair. One of them was feeling my cock through my jeans; exploring. I let him out. They both gasped. Komatsu and Toda both gasped (They were the only ones with line of sight). I am 8 inches, thick and hard. But for Asians, that may as well be 2 foot! They both knelt and started doing me with their mouths. I am clean waxed. No hair to speak of and no red spots. I had showered and groomed before coming out. Their mouths were too small to take much of me. Just the knob and a little more. That was OK with me. Given they were used to 3 or 4 inches; I understood their trepidation. I was going to have to be very careful.

"Are you going to take them to a room, Adorian son"? I obeyed. We found a room. It was tiny, with only a single bed. Japan is tiny in every way. Even though we were staying in a 5 star hotel; when I showered, I had to do one half; then the other. I couldn't stretch properly in the bed. I had to sleep with my legs bent.

They both got undressed. It was fucking clinical. They folded their clothes and stored them. They undressed me and folded and stored my clothes. They got me on the bed, on my back. I guess I better describe them. [LongHair] was exactly that. Hair down to her waist. Nice nipples, but no boobs to speak of. [A] had normal shoulder length hair and lovely A cup boobs. A bit of body there. [LongHair] straddled my face, positioning her pussy in the perfect spot for me to do her. Both of them had dark pubic hair. I tasted her. Yum! [A] started playing with my cock, exploring. I knew she would have to make sense of how this was going to work. She couldn't just fuck me. She got on me and used my cock as a dildo. She was wet. So fucking wet.

She tried. It was like trying to put a water melon into your ear. I had already given up on fucking them. But she had different ideas. She tried again. This time, my knob penetrated. "Oooohhh. From her. She sat harder. I penetrated deeper. She loosened. I started to fuck her. Oh... my ... fucking ... god...! She had a pelvic bone right at the front. This was Asian. To get past that, took an effort. It was a tight canal. Beyond was different. Once I got past her pelvic bone, I slid more easily. She ground her hips. I was in about 6 inches and was jammed up hard against the flesh behind her cervix. Her noises sounded like she was in pain. But her body said differently.

[A] came. [LongHair] got off me and literally pulled [A] off. [A] protested. I didn't need to understand Japanese to see what was happening here! [LongHair] climbed on and tried. She was even tighter. No hope in hell. She used my cock as a clit vibrator instead. I played with her arse, Hmmm. Maybe..? I got a finger in. Then two. Her juices made this easier. I took control of my cock from her and explored her arse with him. I got the head in. She grunted in surprise. I worked her clit; as I allowed more of my cock to penetrate. [A] was watching in shock. I went deeper and started stroking. Still deeper. [LongHair] started her own movements against me. I hit rock bottom. Balls deep. We started fucking properly. I had two fingers in [A]'s pussy and had started playing with her arse. Now that she had seen what was going on, she wanted to explore. I slid a finger into her arse. Then two. Then a third. I started 6-packing her pussy and arsehole. [LongHair] was riding my cock with her arse like there was no tomorrow. She was grasping my other hand; as I clit rubbed her. Her whole body started shaking and convulsing. A stream of oil erupted from her pussy all over my arm. [A] had started leaking a white milky fluid from her vagina. [LongHair] fell off me, into a heap on the floor. This was [A]'s opportunity. She took it; climbing on in reverse cowgirl. I guided my cock into her arse; which accepted me gratefully. I lay her back against me and commenced giving her the first and therefore the best, arse fucking she had ever experienced. Both my hands worked her pussy and clit, simultaneously. "Aaaahhhh. TO TEMO GENKE DES. GENKE DESIO. AAHHH"!!!!! She blew all over the bed; twice. Then collapsed on top of me. Neither of them had looked after me. Oh well.

I left them in their tranquility, dressed and went for a drink. JP was back. His girls were on his knee. The boys were visibly drunk. "Adorian son. Where are your girls"? I motioned to the room. "You wear them out Parso"? "Something like that". I grabbed a triple Scotch and went outside for a smoke. It was a beautiful, still, evening. It had stopped snowing. The streets looked like something out of a fairy tale.

When I returned, my girls were back in deep discussion with Toda, Komatsu and the others. The boys were listening intently, intrigued; saying nothing. The girl's body language indicated excitement. They often pointed at each other's arse and pantomimed a flowing movement from between their legs. "Adorian son. Thank you for not scaring them. They want you to come back. This time no charge. They want you to teach them more". "What the fuck did you do Parso"? "That's for me to know JP".


Friday night we went back. This time just JP and I. Komatsu, Toda and most of the other guys had taken a sickie; the weak cunts. The manager welcomed us; got us to a table and brought food. "Lets try that hot sake". We tried it. I hated it. It was like drinking warm turps. Yuck! I ordered a bottle of Australian Riesling. JP stuck to the sake, the freak. We ate. We drank. Then the manager approached. "Adorian son"? "Yes"? "The girls wish for you to train them in the main room. Justin son. You will remain here". WTF! JP was livid. "What the fuck did you do last night"? I ignored him and followed the manager.

All 8 girls were in the room, waiting in anticipation. [LongHair] and [A] had obviously risen to Alpha female status over night. I chuckled to myself. It was all so Hollywood. These girls were so sexually immature; it was worthy of a book. I was thinking: what in the hell did the Japanese guys do? They obviously just took. That made sense actually. It was the culture. Another thought. Was I changing things? Should I continue? Seems so. Everyone looked happy to me - except JP. The manager had brought my wine. He poured me a glass. I sat on a couch, waiting to see what would happen.

"Adorian son. Toda son told me you can speak some Japanese. I will leave you with the girls to train them. Thank you Adorian son".

So that was that. He departed; leaving me with them.

Readers - I will now describe the dialogue as it was in Japanese, but still in English (broken English - as is my Japanese).


I'm not going to describe the other 6, as they were all similar. Gorgeous and so on. [LongHair] approaches me and sits down. She rubs my cock through my jeans. I am semi-hard. "Please. top. Off". She got me; removing her top. I motioned to [A]. "You. Top. Off". She removed all her clothes and sat on my other side. My cock got very hard, very quickly. I removed my jeans and underpants. The 6 gasped. [A] and [LongHair] started working me with their hands and mouth. I laid back, drank my wine and enjoyed.

Pre-cum was starting to ooze from my cock. [A] climbed on in reverse cowgirl and used my cock to lube her pussy and arse. This time, she wasted no time getting me into her arse. It was clear she was the dominant one. She started fucking me. I started working her pussy. The 6 were watching in rapt silence. We fucked. She had orgasms. I fucked her harder. She squirted. The room was silent. Two of the 6 walked out. The other 4 stayed; saying nothing; in shock.

[LongHair] climbed on. Instead of guiding me to her arse, she tried pussy again. I stopped her. "Lay down. Back". I moved her body and got her laying with her knees touching her ears. I positioned myself and used my hand to guide the head of my cock to her pussy. She was incredibly wet. I managed to get the knob in. The 4 had moved closer to watch. I pushed. My cock hit her pelvic bone. I pushed. He found his way through. I pushed. He went in deeper. I started fucking her. She thrust against me. I fucked her harder and deeper. She wrapped her legs around me and screamed. She (ironically), was deeper that [A]. I was almost all the way in; not quite. I hadn't come the night before; this was getting me going. Especially with the 4 watching so closely. While I fucked; I used my hands to start touching the others. They responded. Then I felt the itch. This was going to be a beauty. I fucked harder. OMG! She was so tight. My balls clamped. I pulled out "Kneel down, all you". The 4 knelt and banded together. I pumped my cock, feeling the burn rising. [A] started tonging my arse. I bent forward to give her better access. Then I exploded; jetting copious amounts of hot sperm all over 4 faces and chests.

"Need break. Drink". They understood. We went back to the main room. The manager was concerned. "Adorian son. Is everything all right"? "Yes. I need a break". He smiled. He was relieved. JP was sitting, brooding. "Parso. What are you up to"? "Just giving them what they want". I told him everything. "Is that all? You fucked them in the arse. They squirted; and now you are their sex god teacher"? "Seems so". "I'll be fucked". "JP. Lets have a drink. Then take them all back and you can teach them too". He accepted that.

Back in the sex room, JP was introduced. He had a sixer, which for the girls was still huge. We split them into two groups of three. JP got [LongHair] and two of the 4. I got the rest. [A] explained to them how it worked for her. They nodded and started playing with me. [A] climbed onto my face to ride my mouth and tongue. I couldn't see what was going on down there, but I sure as hell could feel it. Two mouths working my cock, balls, perihelion and arse. They were quick learners. Then I felt a pair of thighs straddling me. A hand guiding me. A wetness against my knob. Pressure. Then the head of my cock is engulfed. No pelvic bone this time. Just pure wet glove all the way.

The sounds coming from JP's team were testimonial. Juices were flowing down my thighs. The girl on me was becoming vocal and aggressive. Her nails were digging into my chest. She was slamming and grinding her pelvis hard against mine. I thrust upwards with my hips to increase the force of the joining stroke. "AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. FUCK"!!!!! She exploded and collapsed on me, knocking [A] onto the floor. The second girl wanted her go, but this one wouldn't get off. She and [A] literally dragged her off. The last girl climbed aboard.

She was different to the others. She had short hair and noticeable boobs. About half way between B and C cup. Perfectly weighted. Lovely perky nipples. Athletic body. She was taller than the others about 5 6. There was a maturity about her; hence her patience. [A] sensed I wanted her to myself; so she sat back and watched. The other girl was still on the floor convulsing and doing herself. Instead of cowgirl. I lay her next to me and kissed her. She responded; knowing I wanted some loving. We felt each other. "Adorian son. You have a nice cock". The bitch. She spoke English. She had been playing all of us, the whole time. Clever girl. Hmmm. Some punishment is deserving, me thinks. I turned her over onto her hands and knees. I slapped her arse, hard. Instead of protesting; she pointed her arse higher, wanting more. I honoured her request. Her pussy was glistening with sex juices. With no mercy, I entered her and pushed all the way . She took me to the balls. I commenced my penile attack on her genitalia; by thrusting against her as hard as I could. She responded by pushing back against me. I had my hands on her arse for balance. As she started to come, I could feel her vagina gripping my cock in spasms. I entered her arse with my right thumb. Then the left as well. I pushed them both all the way in; loosening her in preparation. In one movement, I pulled out of her pussy and entered her arse; slapping her arse cheeks with my hands. She started moaning "Adorian son. Harder. Faster. Give it to me"! Shit! I was going to come again. She knew this. "I want you to come in my mouth". I pulled out. She got on her knees on the floor. I stood in front of her. She grabbed my cock and started pumping me; positioning him close to her face; with her mouth open and tongue hanging down. Her eyes were in contact with mine. Her beautiful boobs were heaving. I erupted into her mouth. She took my cock into her throat and swallowed all of it. Every last drop.


It was Sunday morning of day 14. We were to sit an examination. There were 6 senior managers; lined up along a table. They looked like supreme court judges. JP and I were seated in the centre of the room. No table. Just a chair each. We had been instructed to sit at attention. When we to answer a question, we had to stand, bow and answer. Then be seated. We were to be questioned in turn. We had no idea how many questions; nor what they would be; nor how long the process would take.

After an hour and a half, the atmosphere was clinical. JP and I both had answered each question; seemingly correctly. Until it came to my turn again. "Adorian son. What was the efficiency of the canning line yesterday"? It was Shenzu asking; Mr Alpha. "88%". "NO! IT WAS 92%"! The other managers gasped. I paused. "NO! IT WAS 88%"! You could have sliced the air with a knife. Shenzu's face was flushed in anger. I had literally broken all etiquette, by tackling him head on. Kubota's expression was mixed. He was shocked; but he was also intrigued.

Shenzu exercised self-control; calmed a little; then addressed me again. "Please explain Adorian son". I bowed again "Shenzu son. May I use the white board"? He nodded. I approached the board; grabbed a texta and started to explain.

"There are three lines. Each is 'rated' to 60 cans/minute. The total rated line speed is 180/minute. If you calculate the efficiency using this speed you get 92%". Shenzu smiled and nodded; thinking I had snookered myself. But I wasn't finished. "BUT. The 'actual' speed of the line was 188/min. If you re-calculate the efficiency using the actual speed; it is 88%". Shenzu's face went through a myriad of emotions. Shock, surprise, acceptance, then anger. He turned to Kubota "Kubota son. Is this correct"? It was Kubota's turn to bow. He stood and did just that "Yes Shenzu son. Adorian son is correct".

Ha ha ha ha.

I had fucked them all.