Written by shortspurs

17 Jan 2011

Thought I'd let you know I went down Maslins the other nite for a swim after work. I left the beach just on sunset so I could take my time walking up the steps to watch it. Just before I left the beach I put on a long (for me) singlet that comes to mid thigh, what I didn't realise was that it rode up as I walked. I knew there was a couple of guys below me on the steps but didn't think anything of it. I stopped off to use the toilets that are half way up the steps, these guys followed me & asked if they could watch I said OK but that I didn't need to pee much, that didn't bother them so I let them watch me. They both had their cocks out & was stroking first themselves then each other, when I finished peeing I pulled my top down to play with my tits & got them both to rub their cocks over them. I told them if they want to cum then to blow their loads over my tits so I could use it as skin cream - well I think it only took them a couple of strokes each before my tits got covered. I rubbed it in & thanked them but they just kept thanking me.

By the time I got to the car park the sun was going down so I stopped & watched for a few minutes, knowing there was a guy behind me leaning back on the other rail wanking. I walked to my car opened the rear door & dumped my beach bag, putting a towel on the ground so that I could wipe the sand off my feet & put dry shoes on. As I was bending over tying up my laces something wet hits the top of my thigh by my ass, I turn around & there are another 3 guys standing watching me whilst wanking it was the 4th guy who had shot his load but a fith guy was walking towards us.

One of the guys asked if he could look at my tits so I dropped my top & leant back against the car so my tits & pussy were on show for them & I started stroking my pussy & playing with a nipple, one of the guy asked if he could suck a nipple so told him to go ahead which he did whilst still wanking himself, another asked if he could fuck me, told him only if he had a condom - he went & got one, came back & asked me how I liked to be fucked, told him I wanted to be fucked hard doggy style.

I moved around so that I was bent over leaning on the rear section of my hatch back, the guy that was sucking my tits sat on the ground on my towel & continued to suck my tits whilst wanking with his free hand guided the head of the other guys cock into my pussy & slowly kept rubbing my clit while the guy fucking me from behind got a rhythm going, well the muscles in my pussy must of clamped around his cock (they quite often have a mind of their own) as the next thing I know the guy fucking me said he was cumming as my pussy was so tight & hot. As he said that it seemed like all the guys seemed to cum at once, the guy underneath me shot his load onto my belly & tits, the other 3 shot their loads onto my ass & back. A couple of the guys thanked me for a delightful evening & said they hoped to see me there again soon & walked off, the others just walked off. I rubbed in as much as I could, put the singlet back on properly, got in my car & drove home smelling of cum, sex & the beach - think that must be the best smell in the world. Looks like I might have to try going to Maslins more often!!