28 May 2016

I saw you. You didn’t know but I could see you through the slats in the fence hiding behind the tree watching.

I heard you stifle a breath as you watched me and I was so turned on at the thought of you watching me.

You didn’t realise I knew that you were watching me in the warm sun wearing short shorts and a singlet tee. My nipples strained hard against the material and rock hard, poking through so you could see them clearly against the shape of my breasts.

They were straining at the thought of being watched and from the thoughts in my mind as I was fantasising. Thoughts were running through my mind of what I would do to you when you finally knew that I was playing there in the back yard, just for you.

I was wet, wet with my own juices from being so turned on all morning. Going out into the sun just made me hornier and the fact that I was bursting with a full bladder had me even more turned on. The shorts rubbing against my naked clit, pulling against the clit ring made my pussy even more wet and my clit hard and swollen, aching to be touched.

I can’t hold my bladder anymore. It’s time, time to let go of that golden fluid. I pull on my shorts to get my hand in, just touching my clit lightly. The sensation is mind blowing. First ,a small stream of pee dribbles over my hand , then suddenly a huge gush of warm golden pee comes pouring out through my shorts soaking them through and running down my legs.

Oh that warm, wet feeling sends a sensational tingle through my pussy, causing a throbbing that so badly wants to play. I so badly wanted a hard cock or a hand, fisting my dripping wet pussy, dripping from my pee and cum juices.

Rubbing my pussy, my clit and pushing my fingers in and out, I had almost forgotten you were there. Then, I saw your face pushed up against the fence, your hand tight on your cock and you pulled on it furiously to bring you to orgasm. The sight of that beautiful white cum, gushing out from the head of your hard cock made me cum once more with such an orgasm that made me cry out loud, Fuck Me.

The look on your face was one of lust and I knew you wanted the same thing I did. To save you from your embarrassment, I looked at you and said ‘Hi neighbour, come on over’. Your smile said it all and within a matter of seconds there you were at my front door.

Before we had time to introduce ourselves to each other, I had you pinned against the brick wall at the front entrance. Kissing your body all the way down until I got to your cock, covered and still wet from your cum. I couldn’t wait for the moment that your cum and my pussy juice would be a sweet combination, and I would have a feast on it later.

But for now I was feeling your hard cock, in my mouth. No disappointment here, your cock is so beautiful, so thick. As I sucked hard, my pussy was throbbing, just waiting for a hard fuck from you.

I took you inside, holding your cock in my hand all the way to the back yard, where I laid down a blanket on the ground. My fantasies had all become reality at once, to be watched, and to have backyard play.

I still had some pee left in me and I was not going to waste it. I saw the look on your face as you were watching me, and I knew you would love to have that golden stream over you as well.

I squatted over you, placing your hand just at the tip of my pussy, touching my clit lightly. I told you to put your fingers in and lightly finger my pussy. As you moved your hand faster and faster, I could feel the warm pee, running over your fingers. Mixed with my juices, you were becoming covered all over your belly, your cock. I could see the ecstasy on your face; it was the same as I was feeling. I pulled your hand away and as a spray of pee washed over you, I sat on your cock. I pissed all over your cock, pee running over your balls as you fucked me. When the stream had finished, we fucked harder than I’d ever been fucked before.

Cumming together was the perfect thing and we both had the same thing in mind. Top to tail we enjoyed the taste of our juices and my sweet pee as we licked and sucked each other for what seemed like hours.

Hi, I’m Pete you finally said to me. Pete I am Ellie, next time you come over, please make sure you have a full bladder so we can both enjoy the peeing together. I want your hot pee in me before you shoot your hot load of cum into my pussy.