12 Mar 2019

A while ago I agreed to host an Anne Summers party; you know, lingerie and toys with an organiser and several girlfriends.

We sent V out to the pub, knowing that we’d be finished well in advance of him returning after 11pm. I also figured that the party would leave me a little aroused so I could treat V afterwards.

Well, the party was a fantastic success. The girls were really in to it and tried on lingerie and laughed when switching on the toys and seeing what they’d do. Some of the girls were even happy to try different vibrators and wands over their knickers. Of course there was loads of drinking and silliness too. Some of us had our tits out and changed in to the lingerie in front of the other girls. We were so in to it, it just felt appropriate. By the end of the night everyone had a great time and we were all a little titilated. Actually, I was very aroused and looking forward to v coming home. The organiser made a killing as the girls had ordered several thousand pounds worth of vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, crotcless knickers, lingerie whips, handcuffs; you name it. Of course for every order, I get an additional discount and some free toys so she stayed behind to work this out with me and clean up.

She was a very sexy woman and my confidence was sky high, and I just leaned in and kissed her. It felt like the right thing because we had been flirting all night; there had been innuendos and she had even caressed me at one point and ran a vibrator across my knickers as part of a demonstration. I thought I may have misread her vibes and was feeling a little embarrassed but she kissed me back and asked where the bedroom was.

She also asked when V would be back and we agreed he could watch but she wasn’t ready for another man: she was mainly lesbian.

We kissed and caressed and she undressed me and went down on me in the most sensual manner. Of course I came. We started to play with her toys and when v came in, we made him sit and watch. He was like a stunned bunny but very well behaved.

We carried on with the toys and got each other off. It was very loving, caring and we took our time. It didn’t have the element of passion and energy that you’d experience with MF; it was a very different feeling.

The party organiser dressed and left afterwards and v was just happy to embrace me in bed as I told him about the night. It was an incredible evening which is etched in my head now.

Tags: adventure, arousal, bi