Written by soulbrother

9 Mar 2012

A few years ago I lost the ability to become erect. My gear is still sensitive, and I'm still able to ejaculate, I just can't stand to attention. Medication just won't work. I was disappointed and embarrassed with the situation. The fact that I was unable to satisfy my wife in the traditional sense, made me feel like a total loser. But she set my mind at ease by supporting our little problem, and telling me we can overcome this situation in other ways. I thought I needed to be able pleasure my wife with a hard cock to be a man. Over the years I've discovered that I am a man, with a damn good woman by my side.

My wife Sarah and I have been married for more than 20 years, and we love each other very much. Sarah is a size 14-16 with blond hair and big beautiful boobs. She is rather tall, slightly plump and beautiful, and has one of those faces that looks angelic. She has a permanent smile on her face that people find extremely attractive, she is easy going and gets along with everyone she meets. As for her boobs, if she wears a top that shows off her cleavage she has that whole upper boob jiggle thing that happens when she walks. Guys are almost hypnotised just watching her get around town.

We started using toys, and she responded wonderfully. We shared some of the most erotic and exciting moments of our sexual lives by experimenting with different toys, and in different ways. While I lick, suck and toy fuck her pussy, she would play with my balls and put my limp dick in her mouth. At first I found it awkward but we quickly got into a routine that worked for both of us. I continually asked if she missed the real thing , and she assured me that she was happy with the way things were.

After a couple of years she admitted to me that she would like to feel another cock between her legs, and that she often fantasised about different men that we knew. I was happy that she could confide in me with this information, and often asked if she wanted me to arrange something to help her scratch her itch. She told me that she had been discussing things with her sister, Rachel, who she has a really good relationship with. Rachel and her husband of many years, Mike, were willing to help out. We made arrangements for them to come over for dinner, so we could discuss things.

The evening went well. We had a bit of wine to help us loosen up. Later on in the evening we found our way into the lounge room where Mike and Sarah sat on the 3 seater lounge and Rachel and I took the single chairs. As we all felt comfortable with each other the conversation quite naturally led to what we were all really there for. I told them that even though Sarah was happy to go through with this, we had a few rules that must be met before going further. He had to wear a condom, even during oral sex. If Sarah says stop that means stop. If this does become a regular thing, that I have to be kept in the loop so that I am aware of everything that happens. Everyone agreed that they would be willing and happy to abide by our little requirements. After a little more chit-chat I noticed that Mike and Sarah started to move a little closer to each other on the couch. Sarah had a dress on that buttons down the front, and had actually loosened her top 3 buttons so that her ample cleavage was on display. She was rubbing Mike's upper thigh and he was clearly excited about what was happening. She stood up took Mike by the hand and had him stand up. I stood up thinking I was going to the bedroom with them. She put her hand on my chest to stop me from following. She gave me a passionate kiss and told me to enjoy myself in the spare room. I was confused I thought I was going to watch my beloved get fucked by another man. Instead I felt a hand in mine pull me to the spare room.

I have not been with any other woman since I've been with Sarah, so this was a twist that I was not prepared for. Rachel led me into the spare room and closed the door. Apparently Sarah and Rachel thought it would be nice if I got to fulfil my little fantasy of eating out Rachel. It turns out Mike doesn't like the sweet taste of pussy on his tongue. Sarah's stories of what we got up to in the bedroom had intrigued Rachel. She wanted to know what it felt like to have someone go down on her. It's hard to believe that no one has ever eaten her out. Rachel is a smaller version of Sarah, with darker hair, very pretty and not as plump. I had admitted to Sarah on many occasions that I reckon Rachel would have a juicy pussy.

She stood before me and asked if I would kiss her. I realised that she was just as nervous as I was, and wasn't sure of what exactly to do. I moved closer to her leaned in and gave her a slight kiss on the lips. She pulled me closer and opened her mouth and began to play tonsil hockey with me. Between breaths and kissing she asked me to undress her. I've got to admit my heart was pounding in my chest, and my hands were shaking like I was a virgin about to score for the first time. I quickly got her naked stood back and admired the view before me. She lay back on the bed and held her hand out for me. I lay next to her and started to rub her body with my shaky hand. She asked if I was going to get undressed, I told her that I will only remove my shirt but will not take my pants off. She understood my reluctance with not taking my pants off, and was happy with me just being shirtless. I started kissing her and working my way down her body paying particular attention to her nipples. Sarah's nipples are pink with quite a large areola, meanwhile Rachel's nipples are a little darker that stand out higher than my wife's. They were excellent for sucking on. While I played with her boobs my left hand started to rub her stomach down to her neatly trimmed pussy (Apparently she trimmed up for me). When my fingers gently brushed her lips, she gave a quick intake of breath. I worked my mouth lower down her body, and shuffled my self down the bed to get comfortable. Every now and then I would steal a glance at Rachel's face and she would look down at me with a smile that could rival my wife's. As I got lower I gently lifted her leg over my head and shoulders. I began to kiss my way up along her inner thighs, alternating from her left to her right thigh, until I stopped and hovered over her pussy. I just lay there between her legs breathing on her pussy, inhaling the musky aroma that has always made me so excited. I made eye contact with Rachel and slowly lowered my head down with my tongue out and began to gently lick her pussy lips. She gave a little shudder and her breathing became shallow, she closed her eyes and completely relaxed. Her pussy was moist and quickly getting very wet. I allowed my tongue to just lightly rub up and down her lips and move a little further into her every couple of passes. Eventually I was in quite deep and just brushing over her clit. Her hand rested on the back of my head, and every time my tongue would brush her clit, she would push down on my head and thrust her hips up off the bed. I would alternate my tongue from a flat broad type of slow stroke, to a hard pointy flick type of motion. I teased her a little by moving away from her pussy and would start kissing her thighs again. She would start trying to track my mouth by squirming around until I rested my mouth on her pussy again, and then do the whole head push, hip thrust thing again.

In the meantime my hands had moved beneath her bum and started to massage her cheeks. My tongue would continue alternating from long hard strokes, to light little flicks over her clit. Every now and then she would have a little body shudder. I learnt later that she was having several orgasms, I was totally unaware that I was being so effective. But I can't take all the credit, this is the first time she has ever had oral sex performed on her. So anticipation was probably a big factor in her experience with me. Nah- let's face it, I'm a cunnilingus god. Like always when ever I'm licking a pussy, I lose control and just attack with my tongue. My head starts thrashing about, and my tongue basically just has a mind of it's own. With my hands underneath her, I would lift her hard against my face. At the same time Rachel had both hands and held my head hard against her pussy and released a guttural groan. Eventually she had to push my head away from her pussy because it had become super sensitive. She told me that her pussy was all tingly, and that she had never had an orgasm like it.

She offered to suck my dick but I refused. It's not something I'm comfortable with. She asked if there was anything she could do for me. I thanked her for her concern but told her that I was happy she enjoyed herself. She lay on the bed with a content smile on her face with her eyes closed. I told her that I want to see how Sarah and Mike were going. She just nodded asked for a good night kiss, and told me to send Mike in when he was finished.

I wandered down the hall with a dopey grin on my face to my bedroom. I listened at the door before I opened it and couldn't hear anything. As I opened I knocked and popped my head around the door to see Mikes bare ass bobbing up and down. Sarah who was looking at the door due to my knock, gave me her most brilliant smile. She motioned for me to come in and sit next to her. It was a little weird to watch my wife getting fucked by another mans cock, but the way she looked at me gave me confidence that this was right for both of us. Sarah looked at me and asked me to kiss her, as I leaned in she stopped me and asked if I had cleaned my face yet. I told her that I still had Rachel's pussy juice on my face. Well that was enough for Mike, he gave a final push and a grunt and collapsed on top of Sarah. When he rolled off of her I was happy to see that he had a condom on. We said our good nights and he left to go and fuck his wife. I asked Sarah how it was and she said it was great, and that she really enjoyed herself and was hoping to do it again. She told me she had an orgasm, but she was willing to have a few more, if I was up to it. So after I washed my face I gave Sarah the same treatment I had given Rachel, just with a bit more enthusiasm, and the aid of toys.

The next morning I had a sore neck from the extra workout. When we all had breakfast together I thought it might feel a little awkward. I was surprised that everything seemed so natural, and relaxed. That was the start of an ongoing relationship between the four of us that has just gone from strength to strength.