Written by julieserverious

27 Feb 2014

I travel far away places with work and the most hated is east timor , hoy humid dangerous place times roads aren't open due to landslides and your stuck up in the hotel but today my little French woman 23 5ft1 all white skin is here today and we are going to have fun.pm we have been swimming in the pool a few wines were really feeling bit tipsy to say the least we head up to my room , once in the door shes there inside looking at me towel on the floor naked but that French smile she has, we run to the bed kiss each other touch feel our bodies fire up to what I hoped would a loving hot sexual encounter ,she has the lovely small white with crimson nipples small but ohh to my touch they jump I smell her clean skin we kiss passionately shes feeling my entire body I got my lips locked on her breasts shes moaning now feeling my wet pussy lips , she enters a finger inside me I react and do the same to her we are breathing heavy and sweat is rolling of us we kiss then she dives to my legs to lick my pulsing pussy glad I waxed that morning, we both have our tongues into each others fiery pot of pleasure dome ohh god my head spins im commining she drives harder faster with her tongue she slips two fingers in hits my spot sends me over board im squirting away, she lapping it up ohh god im in heaven , we slow then I get up get my bag , to her joy I have my double dong strap on dilido we both get pleasure, I insert the six inches into my self I jump im almost ready to off again then strap it on and kneel between her raised legs so supple I started to insert it slowly moving it in and out feeling her push back into me sends a shiver through my body , I turn it on remote its swiveling and pulsing in and out we are kissing tongues in our mouths searching for that love time of pleasure the pace picks up we are both screaming out in orgasim once twice lost count of how many times we both orgasimed its such a beautifull time to have this lovely young French girl that loves me and wants nothing but love pleasure groaning beneath me , we take off the dildo laugh then she buries head in my love pot kissing chewing my clit she gets me off again time is passing so quick I take her down grab my dildo then as im licking her most juiciest pussy I insert my dildo into her rectum she jumped wow then relaxed as my fingers tongue took over then I started the dildo she went wild thrusting it in as I fingered her pussy sent her off and off a multiple orgasimer as me we fell in a heap on the bed sweat rolling off us we laugh loudly thinking oh no the old couple next door must have heard everything but we didn't care what a way to have a beautifull night