Written by Youngnath

15 Feb 2017

just here to share my experience...

The day was 14th of feb 2017 and the weather was fine. I decided to head down to my local beach for a light walk. Upon arrival I removed my gold jewellery and set on for a walk along the beach. Whilst only walk I noticed a woman topless sunbathing. Without being suspicious I walked closer to her to get a better view. Once I got close she stood up turned her back to me and bent over to clear some sand from her towel and gave me a few looks... that's when I knew she was showing off to me. I continued my walk a little further and with my luck the only other person near her packed up and left. This was my chance! I turned around and continued my walk back past her getting extremely close. She perched her self up and widened her legs. I couldn't help my self, I got instantly hard. When I got near her I pulled my hard cock out and started stroking it. With my surprised she started stroking her breasts. I was more excited, I sat near her and continued to masturbate while she stared and started rubbing her self all over. I started getting weak and couldn't resist the feeling. As she was rubbing the inside of her thighs with her legs spread wide open and staring at me stroking my cock.. I released with great pleasure. She continued to rub her self as I put my cock away and got up to continue with my walk.. I was satisfied!