Written by wombatt36

27 Sep 2014

The day my new partner came into Darwin she came from Africa she landed in Darwin and we got to the car and she pushed me onto the car and started to kiss me and started to play with my cock. She wanted to put her hand in my shorts so she could play with it.

she put my hand to her jeans so I could undo them and put my hand down there so I could fell her pussy as she was getting so wet she wanted me to play with her clit.

we got in the car finally and when we started to drive off she started to take her jeans off and just stay in her underwear and she grabbed my hand and put in her pants so she can get more wetter, she reached over to play with my cock as I had my shorts off and she played with me and then when it was hard enough she sucked me off while I was driving like my other gf who now passed away.

She sucked me till I came and took it all in her mouth she didn't waist a drop, she made me pull over in a truck bay so I could eat her pussy and god dam she has a nice clit so I sucked on that till she cum and I took it all, her pussy got so wet it was dripping down to her ass so I licked her juices and licked her ass and I put my tounge inside her sweet ass and she loved it so much she didn't want me to stop.

we drove off again and she wanted to me to stop again this was about an hour latter so we found a good spot where we cud strip naked and fuck. there was a swimming spot near by so we went there for a swim after we had cum together.

we got to our destination I opened up the house I took her bags up to the bedroom and she started to put her clothes away she came into the lounge and kitchen area as I was making us coffee she came naked and she came behind me and pulled my shorts off.

She grabbed my cock and her coffee and pulled me into the lounge and we sat and watched tv for a bit and then she played with my cock again made it hard and sucked me till I cum again I played with her clit she cum in my hand.

awe are now happy together living naked and loving each other every day.