Written by kissinkell

24 Sep 2012

Was a double date and i was dressed to impress high heels stay up stockings , red silky underwear , black short skirt.His friend was driving and us girls were in the back. As we were driving to dinner i could see him glancing back looking at my legs crossed so thus to see my thigh, with my skirt hitched for more of a tease.I bit my bottom lip with a teasing look.During dinner we chat opposite each other. I could see by the look in his eye how much i turned him on. I decided to see how turned on i could get him it turned out to be a game.I slippped my shoe off and slid my foot across to his lap a smile come across his face he opened his legs wider and i massaged his cock with my toes lol i do love watching him waiting for a response as he we are in a restaurant. Next stop was the movie theatre oooh i cant really member much of the movie lol. I sat closed to wall at the far corner with him beside me. The lights dimmed for the start of the movie and he grabbed my hand and placed on his jeans where his hard cock sat. mmmmmmmm i sooo wanted to feel. I unzipped him and gently pulled his cock out mmmmm so hard . He leaned more into me and we kissed passionately before i buried my head on his lap gently sucking. mmmmm Building up pace he cum inside me with a slight moan.

Next we dropped the other girl home and the others kissed good night he moved into the back seat with me. He touched my legs and careessed them open thus to feel my wetness through my panties . He whispered in my ear they are coming off baby! hmm i wondered what he was up to. He undid my seatbelt and layed me back on the seat with him on top of me gently sliding my underwear off lol then throwing them at his friend who was driving lol. He enters me and thrusts hard into me i can see the car lights in the mirrors.The motion of it all makes me orgasmn wildly which in turn made him cum hard thrusting harder into me. It was such a turn on his friend watching in mirror , the motion of the car. Lol i got dropped at home wondering what next weeks ecounters would be ..