Written by MsConvict

14 Apr 2019

Last weekend when we were sitting outside on our computers a young blonde girl walked passed our back fence toward our next door neighbours house. I couldn’t help but notice her big tits as they bounced so freely, she wasn’t wearing a bra which immediately excited me. I am sure you noticed them also and it made me wonder if it stirred any movement in your cock as your mind started to undress her further. Trying to picture what is under her skirt? Is she wearing any knickers? You then try to picture what her pussy would be like? Young and tight? Smooth? Big lips? Big clit? Is she wet? How wet does she get? I imagine your mind going into overdrive just as mine is 😊

After I heard the knock at our front door my mind then goes deeper. I start to imagine that I have just left the house, to go meet up with Tash for an hour or so. You are home alone when you hear the knock at the door. You go to see who it is knocking, and not expecting anyone important don’t worry about putting on pants and a shirt. You just stay in your boxes, thinking it’s probably just churchies or someone selling something.

When you pull the door open your are pleasantly surprised to see the young blonde girl you seen walk passed the back fence, standing right in front of you. Your cock subconsciously twitches beneath your light cotton boxers. She does not notice anything, well down there that is. She does notice the expression on your face and the direction of your eyes down at her big tits that are just staring straight at you. Nipples nice and hard and poking through her tight little singlet. She tells you she is staying in the house next door and has been locked out and nobody will be home for about another half an hour and she really needs to go to the toilet and asks you if you would mind if she could use our toilet. You widen the door as you step back and invite her in as you tell her she is welcome to come in to use the toilet. You close the door back up as your eyes stay directed at her as you attempt to get an even better look at her and the rest of her assets. Looking down at her tight young bubble ass and sexy as hell tanned and toned athletic legs. You walk passed her as you show her the way. She has now noticed the way you are looking at her, all of her! She can’t help but smile to herself inside as she looks down at your boxers and notices movement. She sees from your reaction in your semi erect cock that you are liking what you see. She goes into the toilet as you turn to walk out to the kitchen to finish making your coffee. You can hear her pissing for almost a good minute and then it goes quiet. You wait for her to come out so you can continue too explore her with your eyes, taking as much of it in as you possibly can in the time that you can. It’s been a couple of minutes since you stopped hearing her pee and she has still not come out. You can’t help but wonder what she is doing? Is she cleaning herself up from a tiny accident (a little dribble in her knickers perhaps)? I she wiping her pussy? As you try to imagine again what it is like? Bald, hairy…? If only you knew she was sitting in there playing with it a little as she tries to picture how she is going to handle you when she emerges. She has found herself a little excited and turned on by the situation in front of her, an older man next door, living with a younger woman. This to her says you must be good in the sack. She also knows I am not home as she seen me drive out of the complex. She just needs to find out how long I am expected to be away for. Happy with the plan she has envisioned, she is ready to put it into action.

The door opens and your heart skips a beat in anticipation. You look straight at her as you ask her would she like to stay here and have a coffee as she waits for someone to get home to let her in? She smiles back at you as she politely accepts and makes her way comfortably over to the kitchen bench. Standing on the opposite site of the bench to you, she leans forward down into the bench, folded arms, pushing her boobs up and together tightly showing you more of her voluptuous chest. Your cock twitches some more as you anticipate seeing her bare nipples. Almost, but not quite. She mentions that she seen my car leaving and panicked thinking no one was going to be home but then noticed I was on my own and remembered seeing you out the back a few moments ago when she walked passed our back fence. She then went on to ask you if you if I was going to be away for long and if you thought I would mind her being there as she waited? You told her I would not mind would do the same as you are doing and anyway I was not going to be back for about an hour or so. How do you like your coffee? You ask her. She replies with ‘big, hard and creamy’. Your cock goes harder as you hear her words and she pretends to stumble on her words, apologizing as she corrects herself ‘big, hot and creamy’ with a cheeky smile. She stands back up straight and starts adjusting her top, pulling it out away from her body, down slightly, revealing to you her hard sexy nipples. Just briefly before pulling it up higher and letting it go again so it wraps snugly back onto her body. She sees your eyes on them and the expression on your face light up from excitement. You cant believe this is happening. And you don’t notice your cock reacting. It’s now very obviously hard and alert, standing tall beneath your thin boxers. But she notices and she also notices her pussies reaction to your reactions. Not wasting any time, she puts her hands over her boobs and circles them softly and sensually as she begins to ask you if she is right in guessing that you like what you see? Not waiting for your answer, she reaches her hands inside her top. Cups her breasts in both her hands and pulls them out in full view for you to see. You are in shock, and speechless for a moment until you manage to find the words ‘how could anyone not! They are hot’. She tells you they feel even better than they look as she grabs them a little more firmly and squeezes her nipples gently as she massages them right in front of you. Walking around the bench to you, looking at you the entire time until she is brushing her skin up against you, she reaches out for your hands. She grabs them and places them directly onto her big, hot and horny titties and guides them in a circular motion over her hard erect nipples. Do you agree? She asks. ‘Definitely’ you answer. ‘mmmmmm and I know you are telling the truth going by what I can feel is happening inside your boxers’ she comments right before a small moan and a big hip movement right up into you bulging hard cock. She asks if your cock wants to feel them? You tell her your cock wants to feel other, more intimate and playful parts of her body! ‘Oh really’ she replies. ‘Tell me exactly where that would be?’ as she turns away from you, grabbing just one hand as she starts to walk away from the kitchen and leads you along with her. She turns to look at you as you both walk around into the lounge. She leans down on the lounge, bending over to show you more of her tight bubble ass and the thin strap of her g-string. What a sight you think to yourself. You wonder if you are dreaming…. Then even more so when she turns over onto her back, looking up directly at you as she brings her knees up onto the lounge and spreads her knees open wide. But before you see too much, her hand comes in between them and down onto her knickers. Sexy, red lace ones. You do a manage to get a glimpse of a wet spot before her hand covers it up and gently starts stroking her pussy lips through her hot wet knickers. Her other hand massaging her breasts and holding it to her mouth as she leans in to lick her hard horny nipples. Then sucking her finger as she looks into your eyes and down at your boxers. You notice her hand slip inside her knickers and quickly look down to inspect the wet spot you caught a glimpse of moments before. Fuck she was wet! Very wet! ‘Fuck’ you gasp at the sight before you as your hand subconsciously reaches for your cock through your boxes. You gently start stroking it as you stand there and watch her and wait for more of what she has to show. She doesn’t leave you waiting long before lifting her legs up in the air to reveal part of her sexy ass and her nice tight little fat lipped pussy as she lifts her ass up off the lounge slightly as she slowly begins to pull down her sexy wet g-string. She reveals herself entirely to you now including her creamy wet pussy in it’s entirety. It’s so nice and smooth, freshly waxed you are guessing. Nice big, full outer lips, so young looking. Her finger then slides down her outer lips with one finger slipping in between her crack and down into her inner lips. You see her fingertip go all the way down to her pussy opening where a load of hot warm creamy juices are building and frothing (just the way she likes it, you think to yourself with a smile). ‘Are these the more intimate fun parts of me you were referring to?’ she asks you. ‘Oh yes that is exactly what I was referring to! And they’re even better than I imagined’! ‘mmmmmmmmmmmm’ good she moans. ‘I hope you are going to have fun with all of them’ she says naughtily as her hand slides down further, one finger going just inside her pussy and another down to your ass hole and gently rubbing over it before sliding just inside. ‘Now it’s your turn’ she says to you, looking down at your boxers again. Pull them down and show me what you really think. I want to see if you are ready for me and what you have to give me’. You don’t hesitate in pulling out your fully erect, big hard cock for her to see. It was her doing after all, it’s the least you can do.

She moans the moment she sees it in it’s entirety. Your hand wrapped around it, gently pulling and stroking it for her. You tell her to open her lips up for you. Nice and wide so you can see her clit and just how horny she really is. She obliges with great pleasure, placing a finger on top of it and slowly and gently rubbing over and around it moaning. ‘I want you inside of me’ she says. ‘now’! she demands. You realise you need to get a condom and tell her you will be right back and when you get back she will get exactly what she wished for. You go into your room and get a condom and you see the webcam which gives you an idea. You grab your camera and return to the lounge. You put the camera on the tv stand beside the photo frame as you think of how you are going to be able to record this. As you tear open the condom wrapper you think fuck it why not just ask her if I can, she seems pretty open to anything so far what have you got to lose? You tell her what you want to do with the camera, video their naughtiness so you can use it later when she goes and also use it with me, telling her the type of relationship we have and how turned on I would be from it. She is all in and surprisingly even more turned on by it herself. You set it up in the best position possible to capture all angles and press record.

You turn and go back to her and watch her play with herself as she awaits you putting on your condom before being inside of her. You move straight in between her legs opening them as wide as they can go. You reach down with your hand and touch her young, soft, smooth pussy lips. Your fingers opening her outer lips wide as you bring your cock up to her hole. You thrust yourself gently against her hole careful not to put it in straight away. You tease it a little, pressing your cock against her hole, feeling her hole opening to grasp you but you pull it back before she can. You glide your head up along her inner lips ever so gently and back down again and repeat it a few times. She starts grinding her hips and moaning. She wants you badly. She wants your cock badly. She turns her head in the direction of the camera before looking back at you telling you to put it in her now! Then looks back to the camera with a horny as fuck look anticipating your cock going deep inside of her. This time you do as she begged and slowly push your head inside of her. You continue entering your entire cock into her slowly and gently as you too turn toward the camera with a horny lustful look on your face as you feel all her warmth and wetness drown you. She feels so nice and tight and looking down into her young lustful and devlish eyes you feel like you could explode everywhere right now! You pull out and move your face down to her beautiful little wet cunt and start slowly and gently licking it. Your hands reaching up to her sexy hot tits and squeezing them gently and firmly and pinching her nipples occasionally. Your tongue barely touches her and she is already thrusting her hips as she moans and grabs hold of your head and massages it as it moves all around her pussy. You look up at her and notice she is looking directly at the camera as you lick her with a devlish look in her eye. She tells you how lucky your wife is to have you and hopes that she realizes it. Then she pushes your head back as she begins to sit up. She pushes you back away from her and directs you to sit down on the lounge. She goes down onto her knees and in between your legs, making sure you are in view of the camera still before looking into again as she takes your cock in her hand and lowers her mouth down onto it. Her lips gently sliding over your head all the way down your shaft to the base of your cock and then back up your shaft to your head. She looks up into your eyes before doing it again nice and slow. You push her off you and stand her up before bending her over and spreading her ass cheeks to reveal her holes. You glide your finger along her inner lips before putting your cock against her cunt again. You ram into her this nice and hard and fast and deep! Grabbing a hold of her hair firmly as you start to thrust in and out of her continuously slapping into her ass as your cock buries itself in her pussy. It’s getting nice and wet and sloppy. You pull your cock out and slide it up a bit higher to her ass hole. You rub it gently to start with before thrusting against it in small quick gentle movements, careful not to enter to early. You see her muscle start to relax and flex open and closed. You know it’s now ready to take you. Her asshole wants you. Wants your cock. You push your head a little hard into her hole and it goes inside nicely. But fuck it feels too good! Your cock wants to explode. You thrust a little more deeply putting a little more of your shaft inside of her tight little ass. You can feel her pussy pulsating the deeper you go. Once you are buried deep, you slowly begin to thrust back out. Then you go back in again nice and slow and gentle. But deep. She feels your head hit the back of her clit and starts to shutter and thrust back against me. You now know she is ready for more! You ram your cock in the next time fast and hard and begin to thrust in and out. You reach around and grab her tit in one hand, squeezing it as you pound into her hard! And pull her hair with your other hand. Your cock falls out and she turns around to face you again laying on her back and turns her head to the camera as she spread her legs wide for you. Reaching down to her pussy, she opens her lips up wide, looks up at you and says ‘now fuck me hard and fast and make me cum all over you’. You go to do just as she says until she stops you. She reaches down and pulls off the condom from your cock and throws it on the coffee table in view of the camera, looks into again before up at you and telling you to continue. You ram your cock straight up inside of her hard! Your hands are on her tits, squeezing them hard as you pound yourself in and out of this tight young hot naughty girl. You look down at her looking into the camera then look into yourself just as you know your are about to go. You are about to blow and blow ! your eyes close, your head goes back, as your face tenses and start to moan. She feels your load exploding inside of her which then makes her blow. Her hips thrusting faster and harder as she cums right along with you, moaning and moaning. You slow down as does she and you start to both relax your tense hold on each other and you start to pull away. Your cock comes out of her still dripping with your hot horny cum, all over her fucked little pussy you got to see, touch and fuck! You reach down and scrape up your cum off of her and put it in her mouth. She turns to look at the camera as she takes it from you and enjoys the taste of you. You give her one last brush of her beautiful, hot young body. Her sexy tits and nipples, giving them one last small gentle lick then glide your hand gently down her body over her stomach down to her hot young little and now fucked pussy. You then get up and help her up, you get dressed and go back to what you were doing before, making her a coffee as she waits to be let back inside her house.

You don’t shower afterward and can’t wait till later when I am home and you now plan on fucking me in more ways than one 😉 Firstly getting me to suck your cock before you tell me any of it or show me! With that thought in your head, if only she knew 😉 The best thing is, she will know 😊 That’s the best part. You will get the fuck off your life!

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