Written by 46wife

22 May 2016

My hubby & I were invited to one of his friends house for a BBQ. When we arrived we were greeted by Laurie, my hubbys friend & he walked us through to the backyard & we joined a few other couples & a few extra guys that were enjoying drinks & chatting.

Now Laurie & I had enjoyed a few sly shags before, my hubby didn't know about it, & it wasn't long before he was chatting with me & telling me how horny he was for me. That obviously made me feel quite good & told him that we would have to wait until next week when he was away overnight for work. He said he couldn't wait that long & was sneaking sly gropes of my arse whenever he could.

After about an hour Laurie decided that we should start cooking the BBQ & he brought out the trays of meat to cook up & he asked my hubby to be the cook. Myself & another of the wives went to the kitchen to organise the salads & after about 5 mins she left me alone in the kitchen to go back to her drinking with the others. I was busy preparing when I felt a hand on my arse & it was Laurie groping me again. He said I have finally got you alone & he whipped up my dress & went straight in & sunk his finger deep inside my panty less pussy & it felt amazing. I let him finger fuck me for a short while & then I felt his cock between my legs, I reached under & guided him into my pussy. His cock is quite large & I love how it makes me feel full. Laurie is pumping me hard & in only about 10 thrusts he unloads a hot load of his cum into me & it was filled in a few pumps. As he was pulling out a mate of his, Darren, spoke & asked "what was happening here?". We were busted & didn't say a word. Darren surprised us when he said "I bet hubby doesn't know about this & do you want it to stay that way?" I answered very quickly & said "of course he cant know". Laurie quickly left the room & Darren walks closer to me & pulls his already hard cock out of his shorts & says "you better let me have some of that then" & he lifts my dress & I let him fuck me from behind as well. Then I feel hands go inside my dress & grab my D cup tits & I instantly look up to see another of Laurie's mates. He says that he wants in as well & when Darren empties his load of cum in me Phil's takes his place straight away & fucks me really hard with what is the fattest cock I have ever had inside me & it was feeling absolutely fantastic & then he fills me up with his load of hot cum. He then pulls out & says to me that they wont say a word to my hubby. I am left to finish with the salad preparation & walk back outside with 3 loads of cum running out of my well used pussy.

After everyone had eaten a few of the ladies & myself offered to clean up & we brought all the leftovers & dishes inside & the other wives just dropped off the dishes & went straight back out & they left me to do all the washing up. I then noticed that Domonic, one of the other husbands, got up & walked inside & as he approached he said he would help. Well that lasted all of 30 seconds until he reached to feel my boob & says that Phil told him what happened & he would like to fuck me as well to keep his silence. Now Domonic's wife is a real bitch & I do not like her at all & so I just turned to him, dropped to my knees & grabbed what turned out to be a little cock & started to easily deep throat him to hardness while he continued to look out the window at the others. I sucked his cock for a good 2 minutes all the time thinking to myself that I'm sucking the bitches husbands cock & was loving it. As I look up at him I noticed him signalling to outside & within 10 seconds I felt hands grab my hips & pick me up so I was between both guys & I turned to see Phil back for seconds. He flipped up my dress again & slipped his fat cock straight back in & pumped me hard again. This was too much for Domonic & he blew his load in my mouth unexpectedly for me. I'm not a swallower so I held his cum in my mouth & raised myself up while Phil still pumping me & spat the cum into the sink as Domonic left the kitchen. Phil then reached around & releases my tits from my dress & fondles them as he fucks me & asks that I continue to see him after this for his silence. I tell him that I will see him anyway as his cock is fantastic & then he fills me again with another load of cum.

I finish up in the kitchen & walk back outside to join the others & Laurie says to me "thanks for everything you have done inside & you're welcome back anytime to help out in his kitchen . The other wives just smiled & said that she was welcome to it. Little did they know that it was a great time that I had in that kitchen.