5 Aug 2018

Part 2

We’re both relaxed and rested for a bit but we’re still yearning for more...

I reach down and feel your cock.. he awakens in my hand as I touch him.. slowly standing to attention.I take your hand and lead you to the shower. The water is nice and warm running down our bodies. I lather up your chest and slowly work down to your stomach, hips and find your hard erect cock. I continue to play with him while I feel your hands on my boobs. You’re kissing my neck and I feel a finger slide into my excited pussy. I moan as your finger enters me .. one finger , then another and another..as your finger fucking me .. I’m moaning loader and rocking on your fingers ... I beg you to fuck me!!

You turn me around and i bend over slightly so your cock can slide into my pussy. You start to pound my pussy as I’m grinding on your cock. I want your cock soooooo bad . I tell you I’m going to cumm and You suddenly stop and lead me on top of the bed. You fuck me hard and fast doggie and slap my arse hard .. I want it harder!! I’m screaming as your fucking me .. I can’t control it any longer and cum so hard my body is shaking. You explode in my pussy and over my bum... your cum dripping down my legs . We collapse on the bed .. exhausted but very content..

Part 3 .....to be continued ?