6 Aug 2018

Part 3

There’s a knock at the door....you get up and go to your bag and bring out a blindfold and tell me to put it on, lie back, relax and make myself comfortable on the bed. I’m nervous but excited, not knowing who is behind the door.

I hear you open the door, say hello and someone walks into the room. I hear someone undressing. And then someone sits on the chair and someone comes over to me. I feel hands touching my legs .. slowly running up my thighs . I know these are not your hands, but they are hands of another man. They touch me differently to the way you do, so I know you must be sitting on the chair and watching. The hands move up higher , over my stomach and up to my boobs. My nipples are erect. One hand is on my nipple while the other hand is moving back down my body, reaching my mound. I hear you tell me to relax .

The hand push my legs wide apart.. exposing my pussy. I feel his fingers start to play with my clit..and suddenly a finger is thrust into my wet pussy, making me moan. My back arches as I feel another finger enter me. I hear you get up from the chair and come over to me ... I have his fingers inside me and you start to play with my clit and suck my nipple. I reach out and find your cock. It’s hard as rock. You put it into my mouth and tell me to suck you hard. Your thursting your cock into my mouth and playing with my clit. His fingers are fucking me. My body is shaking as I’m rocking on your hands. I’m moaning loader and loader as I’m trying to control myself but I can’t any longer. I sense your about to cum in my mouth and I let go and cummmmmm. You explode in my mouth and then over my boobs.

But it’s not over yet ... you tell me to get up on the bed into doggie position.. my pussy is dripping. You start to fuck me doggie while he thrusts his cock in my mouth...I’m sucking his cock while your fucking me hard .. I want you to fuck me hard and fast .. I’m moving back onto your cock so that I can feel him soooo deep inside me ... you slap my bum... I tell you harder!!! You slap my bum even harder but i love it so hard..his cock is fucking my mouth. Im rocking and moaning so loud..I’m sucking his cock harder and faster as your fucking my pussy..you slap my bum so hard ... I can’t control myself .. I cummmmmm soooooooo hard ...squirting over your cock. You thrust hard one more time and explode in my pussy .. our juices dripping down my legs. He’s ready to explode too and blows over my neck and shoulders.

We collapse on the bed .. I hear him get up and get dressed. You get up, walk to the door and say goodbye to him. I never saw his face and never knew who he was. All I knew was that he was a mate of yours .