14 Jun 2016

Some time ago the male strippers were in town. the Mrs and 3 of her friends were excited and were very keen to go, I didn't mind as that means i was going to have the brains fucked out of me when she got home..... This was going to be the case but not what i was expecting.

Saturday night come around and the girls turned up at home for a few drinks before i would take them down to the pub for there night out. I cook them dinner and they drank and were well on they way when i dropped them off.

When i got home i went for a skinny dip as it was a hot saturday night and when i went back inside i turned on the TV laid down on the lounge and i fell asleep with just the towel over me. Next thing i knew i woke up to the sounds of 3 drunken woman giggling and talking..... i open my eyes and Emma was lifting my towel and turning to Marie and Ang and saying, she was telling the truth..."It is fucking huge" Not known where the mrs was i ask them what was going on and where was my mrs? they said not to worry she was pissed and they put her to bed about an hour ago. Em said they were still looking to have a drink and didn't want to go home just yet. She said that they were felling horny and seen me asleep when they put her in bed and decided to get a drink and see where it goes.....

They were all talking at the strippers and it was said i had a bigger cock then all of them Em was saying and when they got home and seen me here they wanted to take a look and see for them selves.....Emma said she was the only one who had seen it so far and was not disappointed the other two now was saying it is not fair and they wanted to see it too. I am not a shy person so i took off my towel and let them have a look. As soon as they seen my cock i could see the lust and i said they were welcome to touch it if they liked to, Emma was the first to grab it. She started to pull it to her mouth and as the head of my cock went into her mouth Ang said to stop and lets have a rainbow party. The other two looked at her and ask what that was and she said that they all had to put on different colour lipstick and suck on my cock. Who ever could take the most of it into there mouth and leave the lipstick mark down near the base of my cock would be the winner and as the prise they were going to be the first one to fuck me.

Ang went first, she had on black lippy and she started licking and sucking on my knob she was had her eyes closed and was just loving sucking on a cock after watching all night, she then started to take more and more of my cock into her mouth getting about half way before she started to gagg and she pressed her lips together to leave her mark. Marie went next she didn't take as long to get into it but she started sucking harder and harder with each thrust forcing as much as she could down into her mouth She got about an inch more into her the Ang could before she pressed her lips together and left her mark. Now it was Emma's turn, i turned around and looked at her and she had her pants off and had two fingers in her pussy and the lust in her eyes, i could see she wanted to win this and she wanted to fuck my cock first!

She grabbed my cock and started sucking on it like she was trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. It felt amazing!!! She was going great guns gagging and sucking on it like she had never had a cock in 20 years.... She had my cock wet with her siliva and was giving me a blow job i wouldn't forget in a hurry. she was at the same mark as Marie and she just couldn't get past her, so she grabbed my asre and forced me into her face as hard as she could and this got her passed the mark and sealed her win. I looked around and the other two girls were naked and was flicking there clits like they were trying to play the banjo... It was so fucking hot!!!

Emma stood up and took her top off and she said before she got to fuck me i was to eat her pussy out and make her cum, I love to eat pussy so i wasn't going to say no. I was getting into it licking around her clit and tounge fucking her hole and i was enjoying her taste she was so wet it was like i had my own drink in her pussy. She had had enough of me teasing her and she said "YOU NEED TO SUCK ON MY CLIT NOW!!!!" She grabbed me by my ears and forced her clit into my mouth.... she let out a moan and cum then and there... Getting up she grabbed my cock and put it at her hole, she started to put it in nice and slow to allow herself time to adjust to my size she relaxed and because she was so went i went in she laid down on my chest and started to kiss me.... we fuck for about 10 minutes before i came in her pussy and when i looked at the other two girl they were both had a mouth full of pussy :)