7 Jun 2020

It was a rainy mid autumn day, it had been quite mild, was still warm. I drove into the car park around 515 pm, just to get smokes. Had been helping a friend close by, was on my way home. Not to many people about, all the sheep hiding in their houses from a mild cold 80 percent of people will never catch. As I drive in, I saw at the edge of the canopy by the main entrance, her.

Petite, slender, dressed in those overall type shorts, with tight white top and black heels. Her long curvey brown hair down.

As I walk towards the entrance, she was facing me, to my right. We made eye contact, I could feel her desire. From 20 meters away. It made my back straighten, my muscles slightly pumped, I felt compelled to adjust my shirt. One look from her made me feel like a man.

When I come out to leave, thinking what do I say to break the ice, she's gone. I felt deflated, cursed myself for waiting to leave before approaching. But no, to my surprise, she's moved and now directly behind my car , on her knees, facing away, petite tight arse on show. She was pretending to be on her phone, she was in take me position.

I walked up to her, she was just inside the shelter from the rain and I asked her if she's driving, she looked in my eyes, arousing me immeaditley and said no. I asked her how far do you have to go, she says 3 blocks. She was carrying two grocery bags. Her eyes darting from mine to the ground. She stood up, facing me, nipples hardened, one leg in front of the other pointing at me, head down. I offer her a lift and she says thank you, I cant pay petrol.

I go over to car, load her bags, open her door and she glides past me, so seductively, I could feel her heat.

I walk around and get in, as I put my seat belt on and look to the left, I see her legs parted, welcoming. I can see her buldge between her legs, pushing out the tight shorts. I run my eyes from her groin, up her body and find her eyes waiting for mine. Her legs open more, when again we made eye contact. Although her eyes covered in the mist that is desire, I felt the rush of blood to my cock.

I don't know where it come from, but I said I cant host, she said either can I , my eyes up and down her body. I came to get smokes on the way home, here I find myself, sitting in the car, raining with a complete stranger who is as horny as I am. After a lengthy pause with desire building, she says I know a place. Not far.

So she directs me around the back of the shopping center, across the road and into an industrial area. She sees me looking at her groin, legs parted as far as they can now, back arched so groin is forward, pushing against those tight shorts. She pulls her shorts aside, and says look at that amazing pussy. So i grabbed it, she responded by grabbing my cock and squeezing. We were doing this as we left the shopping center and crossing the road, a police car was there. They would of saw us, going into the industrial area, we didn't care. Desire had overcome us.

We drove into the industrial area, and she directed me to an area to reverse back into. There was 3 businesses. 1 directly behind us and one each side, there was only 1 way out. I noted the cctv cameras everywhere. One would see right into car. She goes to her bag, gets her phone out and asks if I will charge it, I do. We then start fondling eachother and she begins to undress, in the passenger seat. My hands roaming her body. Every touch brought a spark of pleasure throughout her body. It was hard for both of us. She unclipped the overalls and took her top off revealing the most amazing perky petite beasts with hard dark nipples. The inside of her breasts, rosey like cheeks. I leant over and grabbed the left one, brought my mouth to her nipple and roamed the area with flickering tongue and deep succelent kissing. It was getting dark by now, lights alluminating inside of car. In a very sweet caring excited voice she proclaimed look at you as my mouth worked over her breasts, as she rolled the overalls down. She gets to the shorts, starts pulling them off as I place my hand on her stomach, allow the area to warm before starting with large circles slowly getting smaller, massaging her stomach, looking for the sweet spot

Oohh you're good she moaned as she pulled off the last of her clothes

I pull off my pants as she sorted her clothes out and pushes seat back. She looks at my cock and asks me to go easier on her, she's a small girl. Her hand wanders to her clit, so I follow her hand with my tongue, licking her hand as it massages her clit, her lips.

I take my cock in my own hand and stroke as she plays with herself, she then proclaims as she started getting off, I want to suck cock.

So I push my seat back, get onto my knees facing her and say heres one for you. Her mouth drawn like a magnet. She was so gentle on my head. I reach over with my hand and take over the duties she was performing on her self before my cock interrupted her. I ran around the outer lips , I then start on the inner lips before wetting my finger and entering her. She stayed in rythem, giving the most amazing sensual head. She was tight but wet. She then rolled on her side, to get my cock deeper in her mouth. I removed my finger, then wet two of them and went searching again. I couldn't get 2 in, had to settle for one, but it felt tighter, drier so I wet them some more. She's happily sucking away.

When that middle finger entered, her mouth when into turbo boost. I've not felt anything like it, she was going crazy on my cock. I just had to be in her. I pulled back, leaving my finger in, instructed to her to roll over so she was on hands and knees, in the front seat. Anyone could see in. See everything, cctv and all. I moved around behind her, and went to replace my finger with my cock. That's when she said not the arse

I hadn't realised that my finger had slipped in her arse and I was fingering her arse as she sucked my cock. I brushed it off by saying it will fit better. She reached around and grabbed my cock, directed it to the her throbbing dripping cunt.

She was easy entered until about 3 inches in, where it become tight. I found myself wrapping my arms around her stomach and thrusting into her, slowly she took more. When I was able to pick up pace, with her use to me, I instructed her to lie down. I started speeding up, was able to get deeper and deeper and before I knew it, she was telling me she's coming. Moaning and even yelling as she lay on her stomach, as I fucked her.

So I went from third gear straight into overdrive, to take advantage of her orgasm. She accepted more of me in, each thrust. As she accepted more, my cock got harder, bigger and then the exillerating spongy but tight feeling of her coming. At this point she accepted all of me and her whimpers stopped, her mind melted. Her eyes rolled back and mouth open. I fucked her past the orgasm and into pure mindless pleasure.

I felt the wetness spreading over my groin and then at the end of each thrust, when I was deepest into her, the strangling of the end of my cock as her vagina clenched around me. At this point my orgasm built. I kept thrusting deep hard strokes until my impending explosion reached half way up my cock.

I withdrew, worked around to the side of her and placed my hard cock in front of her, all wet from her orgasm. Her mouth drawn like a magnet. As the cum worked up my shaft, she took more and more of me in her mouth. The moment her lips pushed against my groin, I started coming. She had all 7 inches in her throat for the 5 spurts.

It turns out her phone never charged and we were so both blown away, we never exchanged numbers but tried too. I dropped her back where I found her, it still raining. The time we spent after, as I dropped her off and she got dressed ect, a blur. I was suppose to give a damsel in distress a lift home and charge her phone. Instead we got something else and...

I'll never get the last look she gave me, I was her god.

We're just 2 strangers with one hell of a memory.