Written by Colt

2 Dec 2011

Since the Honeymoon life had returned to normal, Jan went straight back to work and as I had a couple of extra days off I had downloaded Skype to our computer and taught myself how to use it including the web cam, although we had this feature it had never been put to any use. I had spoken to Peter on the phone and he advised that Sally and he had been regular Skype users and he convinced me that we could talk regularly for free and could see each other via the web cam as we talked. We spoke regularly over the next few weeks and Jan started talking to Sally, she eventually agreed, Peter was right; the Skype is a good idea.

We had a road trip planned for the following weekend to Mt Gambier for a family function and Peter suggested that we might like to pop into their place for a quick cuppa as it was about two hours into our trip, Jan thought it would be nice as she had been looking forward to catching up again in person since our honeymoon.

Saturday arrived and Jan and I were in the car heading out of Adelaide at six thirty am, we made good time to Sally and Peter’s arriving just after eight, Peter answered the door and invited us in giving Jan a big hug whilst suggesting that Sally had just rushed off to the shower when she had heard us pull up. We went into the kitchen and Peter put the kettle on and asked us if we would like to join them in some breakfast, “just some toast would be nice as we do need to keep on our way to Mt Gambier” I said, whilst asking Peter if I could use their toilet. “Sure down the hall on the left” was his reply and he kept on his conversation with Jan about the trip and the details about the family function.

I walked past an open bedroom until I came to about half way down the hall turned left and opened what I was expecting to be the toilet door, to my amasement I had walked into the Bathroom and Sally standing fully nude with her hands up in the air drying her hair with a drier, my eyes focused on her gorgeous tits, I apologised and began to turn when she said “hey where’s my hello kiss mister” I turned back to face Sally and went to kiss her on the cheek, when suddenly she turned to land the kiss full on the lips slipping the tongue into my mouth, breaking the kiss Sally said “it’s good to see you Jim, now how about putting that mouth to good use”, and with that she grabbed my head and pushed me down towards her beaver. I was extremely nervous, what with Jan just down the hall in the kitchen, but at the same time I was getting very excited so I knelt down on the floor and began to explore Sally’s freshly washed pussy. Sally must have been as excited as I, for her juices were flowing freely, as I licked and prodded with my tongue, it was not too long before she was whimpering so sticking two fingers in her pussy saw her climax as I continued to lick up her juices she began to calm down and laugh saying “you had better get back to you wife you naughty boy.” I quickly headed across the hall to the toilet and spent a few minutes calming my nerves before returning to Jan and Peter in the kitchen as if nothing had happened, however the look I was receiving from Peter ensured that he knew exactly where I had been.

Sally arrived in the kitchen a few moments later giving Jan a big hug before launching into Peter as to why he had sent me to the bathroom when I clearly had asked for directions to the toilet, Jan had a startled look on her face which turned a little hostile towards me when she learnt from Sally that I had walked in on her whilst she was standing in the nude drying her hair. Peter said “sorry it’s early and I got confused, I all ways turn left to go to the toilet first thing in the morning, of course I am coming from the bedroom”, “you idiot! Sally chipped in”. “Well Jim I hoped you enjoyed the view whilst you was there” Peter said. “What’s not to enjoy Peter, your wife is very beautiful!” I said. “Well I think you are a very lucky man too Jim, I reckon Jan is so sexy and I have not even seen her in the nude! We might have to do something about that eh Jan?”, before breaking out into a chuckle.

I did not know where to look after that comment, luckily Sally broke the frozen moment by asking Jan to join her in a guided tour of the house whilst Peter made the breakfast.

When the girls were out of hear sight, Peter asked me if I had taken good care of Sally whilst we were in the bathroom and I advised him of what we had gotten up too and I hoped that he did not mind. Peter said no it was fine with him and that he had had a good perv of Jan and how he would like to pursue his chances with her, either as a foursome or perhaps just the two of them alone might be easier with her to start with. I told him that I would like for the four of us to get together but did not know how we would get Jan to change her attitude towards sharing her body.

When the girls arrived back in the kitchen Peter had the breakfast ready and we all sat down to toast and coffee, Jan was complimenting Sally and Peter on their home and asked me if I had seen their great spa in the courtyard. “A spa! Now that sounds great, no I have not seen it honey”, I responded. Meanwhile Peter chipped in and said “you guys will have to come spend the weekend with us and then you can try the spa out your selves”, “that sounds like a great idea Peter” replied Jan. We finished our breakfast and said our good buys before jumping back into the car and heading on our way to Mt Gambier.

Jan was very quiet for the next half hour or so and I looked at her and asked her if anything was wrong, to which she replied “no I was just thinking about Peter and Sally and what happened at the house this morning, you know, you walking in on Sally after Peter gave you the wrong directions, do you think he did that on purpose?” she asked. I really don’t know honey I said, Peter is a bit of a practical joker, anything is possible, “well I think he did, and further more I think he got off on the idea of you seeing his wife in the nude”, why do you say that honey I questioned, “well I did not want to cause a scene at their house, but when he kissed me good bye he slipped his tongue into my mouth like you do when we are making out” Jan said. I drove on for a few kilometres then said honey, when Peter kissed you and slipped his tongue in how did you feel, because to be honest I can’t be mad with him after just seeing Sally in the buff, can I? “Well I think he deliberately sent you to the bathroom to walk in on Sally, but his kiss was kinder nice, only I am married to you, I love you very much and I don’t want to upset you darling” she said. I love you I replied, and I am sure we can have a little fun on the side without compromising our love to one another, “do you really think so” Jan asked. Sure, so long as we play together as a couple then we can hardly be cheating on each other if we keep it to the odd occasion like holidays or long weekends, we would not want to let it become a regular event I replied. “I will think about it” she replied.

I turned up the music to change the atmosphere, nothing more was mentioned about Sally and Peter as we drove on to Mt Gambier. The family function was pretty boring and I could not wait to get on our way home, but as I had drunk myself silly at the dinner I awoke with a massive hangover and suggested to Jan that she would need to drive for the first half of the trip. I was still suffering when we neared Murray Bridge and as Jan was getting a little drowsy she suggested that we call in on Sally and Peter again to take a little break, “good idea” I said, so she rang them and asked if it would be ok to drop in. Sally had answered the phone and was pleased to hear that we would call in again; even suggesting she could give my head a little massage to make me feel better. To my amasement Jan told Sally that she thought she was too kind as my suffering was brought about by self-indulgence and that she was the one who deserved special treatment having had to do all the driving today. “I am sure Peter would love to give you a gentle massage sweetie” Sally suggested.

Peter answered the door bell dressed in a pair of wet speedo’s saying that Sally was out in the spa and to come through to the back. When we approached, Sally arose from the spa dressed in the yellow Bikini she had worn on holidays. “Come join us Sally said, it’s just the thing you need to relax your weary body and freshen up”, Jan sputtered out a thankyou saying that we did not have our swimmers with us, but Sally quickly responded with “no problems, I have laid out some spare bathers in the second bedroom and I left a couple of towels for you as well, please go try them on whilst I make you a cup of coffee, we’ll meet back here in a couple of minutes,” she said.

Lying on the bed were a large pair of black boxers and a pair of bright blue speedo’s, I checked the sizes, undressed and pulled the blue speedo’s on, mean while, Jan was standing there with a dumb look on her face holding a tiny hot pink bikini, “I can’t wear these” she protested, “there is nothing of them and every body will see all my bits” she said. “Honey, you will be fine, Sally and Peter are the only people here and they know what the bikini looks like so I don’t think they will be too interested, besides just wrap the towel around you and take it off just as you climb into the water then there will be no time for anyone to stare at you”. “Well if you think so Jim, I certainly want to try the Spa, but this bikini is nothing more than a thong and two pasties for a top, I am sure they must have got this from Colombia, it’s just as well I waxed before we came away or all my pubes would be sticking out all over the place!” Jan looked hotter than I had ever seen her before, the top barely covered her nipples and the material on the G just covered her pussy lips, I was sure Peter was looking forward to seeing Jan, if he did not crack a hard on I would be surprised. Jan wrapped the towel around her waist and taking her by the hand I led her out into the spa area where we were met by Sally who showed us where and how to enter the spa. Jan was relieved that Peter was still in the kitchen as she slipped into the spa dropping the towel onto the dry floor near the spa steps, Sally and I followed and sat opposite each other, leaving space for Peter to sit opposite Jan.

When Peter arrived back at the spa with the coffee’s he passed one to each of us before suggesting to Jan that she should try and relax, letting the water jets do their work whilst he would give her neck and shoulders a little massage. Peter began Jan’s massage and continued to talk about there weekend, suggesting that they had been to the footy on Saturday and onto the casino afterwards. Sally advised that she had a good time and that they had not gone to bed until 2am so today was just a lazy Sunday for them, hence the afternoon spa to revive the old body. Jan certainly seemed to relax under Peter’s skilful hands, finishing her coffee she had closed her eyes and did not open them when Peter stopped and climbed into the water and sat opposite her. Sally said to Peter “the bikini looks better on Jan than it does on me Pete, don’t you think so?” Peter replied “what can I say darling, I don’t want to get myself into trouble with either of you girls,” “Just speak the truth!” Jan chipped in, with out opening her eyes. “you look fabulous Jan, that bikini is my favourite and I think it fits you perfectly, don’t you Sal?” Just then I felt Sally place her foot on my crotch and give it a gentle rub as she looked at Peter and said “yes honey, Jan looks absolutely hot in that outfit, so sexy, I wish it looked that good on me”.

Just then Jan jumped in a startled way, but did not say anything, Sally must have known that Peter had placed his foot in between Jan’s legs pressing up against her pussy as she told Jan to relax and let the water do it’s job. I smiled at Peter giving him my approval and reached over to take a hold of Jan’s hand giving it a gentle squeeze I said “this is nice, isn’t it sweetie?”, to which she replied without opening her eyes, “ yes Jim, Sally and peter are lucky to have one, I wish we did.”

Peter suggested that we could come over any weekend we liked and jump in the spa with them. “I should warn you we only wear bathers in here the first couple of times any one new joins us” Sally announced. Jan must have liked what Peter was doing to her as she was all too quick to suggest that wearing nothing in the spa would not be much different to wearing the bikini she had on. Jan kept her eyes shut, but let out slight murmur, the kind she does when having an orgasm. I released my hand just as Jan opened her eyes suggesting that she needed to go to the toilet, with this announcement she rose straight up in front of Peter and slowly climbed out picking up the towel to dry up some of the water before placing the towel down and walking of in search of the toilet.

“You look proud of yourself “, Sally said to Peter, “the old master at work” he said. “Yes I think she is slowly coming around, she certainly enjoyed the orgasm you just gave her” I said, “It’s a pity we can’t stay the night and have some more fun!” “Don’t be in a rush Jim, slow and easy, let her be comfortable and you will be surprised just how far Jan will come around to our way of thinking, we will arrange that weekend real soon and by the end of it I bet Jan lets Sally eat her pussy too”. “ Wow that would be something”.