Written by Horny girlfriend

18 Aug 2013

Iv never shared anything like this but here goes

Me and my girlfriend had been dating a bit over twelve months and we would always dirty talk about what it would be like to have another guy fuck her and for me to watch. She always wanted to have two cocks in her at the same time.

This went on for about 6 months always talking about it but we never did anything about it.

One day i asked her do you want to do it tonight? I said i would message my mate and get hime to come over and she agreed! Excited as i was i messaged him straight away and he was 100% keen. She is a smoking hot 27 year old half asian half aussie. Amazing sexy body great tits, my mates were always envious of what i had so this made him excited!

That night he came over, we sat out the back and had a beer while my girl got ready in the bedroom, we walked in and there she was watching porn holding the dildo upto her freshly waxed pussy! We layed down either side of her and i thought i better start it off. I grabbed her and started kissing her and then pushed her towards my friend. She wasted no time pulling out his cock and dropping down to suck him off. I watched her closely as she sucked his cock so good swapping to mine then back to his. She was loving sucking his cock because it was someone elses, i let her keep sucking his on her hands and knees, i go to the back of her and start fucking her doggy while she keeps sucking my mates big cock. I fuck her for a while until i stop and say lets swap.

This was the nervous part for me. I layed down as she took my cock in her mouth. My mate then slowly puts his cock into my mrs, i was so turned on watching my girl take another cock. She was loving it, he was fucking her so hard and she just kept asking for harder. Slapping my cock against her face as he fucked her so hard. It lasted about another 10 minutes of me watching him fuck her. It was so hot! After he blew his load he left the room and me and my girl just layed there so happy, wanting to do it again.

I would love to watch her with two other guys or even more!, and have a threesome with her and another girl.