Written by Anonymous

1 Feb 2019

My wife an I decided to go away for a bit of naughty weekend to the Sunshine Coast, we walked around town for a bit taking in the sights, beautiful woman and hot guys which we both enjoyed watching.

Later on we went back to the hotel, I went for a quick swim to cool off, seeing more woman tanning in skimpy bikinis, and good looking guys, couldn’t help admiring got me really horny, got back to the room and saw my sexy wife on the bed in sexy underwear reading, jumped in the shower on the right angle she could see my hard cock in the mirror, and I could see her teasing her tight pussy, next thing she was in the shower with me, pushed me against the wall and started to wash me, I felt one hand wrap around my cock and the other between my arse cheek and her fingers danced around my ass for second, (this got me shuddering with even more excitement ) then again but this time she put her finger in me, ( loved it and wanted more, this continued for a bit, then I returned it while devouring her pussy.

Once we got out she put me on all fours on the bed, blinds wide open and continued, tounge fucking my arse and stroking my cock, once this was all wet and lubed she got her dildo out, she entered me, with whoever watching and in no time came so hard it was unreal and the best night, we both came multiple times after but we left that holiday wanting so more.