Written by mickeyfinn1

15 May 2011

Strippers, Booth,Part 2

the stripper gave me a card

My time was up, I was out of luck

Chloe was there and ready to fuck

Was all fired up my cock was hard

No need to worry she handed me a card

Then she was gone. She was off to bed

Be sure to ring me...or you'll be dead

I left the club my heart was thumping

Chloe I thought I would soon be jumping

I got back home I entered my room

I looked for the card in the gloom

I lay on my bed and stroked my cock hard

Thinking of Chloe looking at her car

Went downstairs got a hot toddy

All I can think of is Chloe’s perfect body

Shall I ring her now, will she be in bed

After all I don’t want to be dead

My mobile was ready I looked at the card

Thinking of Chloe. My cock was rock hard

Her phone is ringing Hallo she said

It’s Mike from the club, my heart felt like lead

You naughty boy I want you here

Get in your car and bring me some beer

I asked her address and she told me quick

Will take you five minutes I want that prick

597 Castle Drive. the house is shaped like a beehive

There it is ..car into her drive

Knock on the door she opens the door

I drop a beer onto the floor

So sorry I’ve made a mess

Do worry honey come in and undress

To be cont