Written by s_t5116

10 Oct 2012

I have known this woman for a few years but never really put much thought into it. One day, my wife and I were around her house and I couldn’t stop staring at her arse. She had on a tight pair of leggings that wrapped all the way round her ample butt. Before I could stop, I found myself making quite suggestive comments to her, which was so out of character for me. She seemed to love the attention.

That night, I was talking to my wife about the whole thing, I noticed that she was being turned on by the comments I was making. Then she came right out and said it, “I think you should go around there, and fuck her brains out!”

Wow... well I don’t need to be told twice, so I picked up my mobile, and started texting to see if I could get my friend worked up enough to want to sex me. I couldn’t believe how ready she was to go, and it did not take much convincing on my part before I was in the car and on my way around there.

I arrived at her house, and text messaged her to tell her that I was out the front, having a cigarette before coming in, so she met me at the front door. She had changed and was wearing a nice dress and I could see the tops of her breasts, a lacy bra pushing them together closely to form a beautiful white cleavage.

I finished my smoke, and as I put it out, she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me upright saying, “Let’s do this!” Oh, wow. Not at all, what I expected.

We went up to her room and she closed the door behind us, and even though she was eager, I could see that she was nervous. She has been separated from her ex for almost 12 months, and hadn’t had much luck on the dating scene. So I sat down on the end of the bed a casually took of my shoes and socks off, removed my shirt and lay back on the bed. She sat on the end of the bed looking me over for a while before I said, “I think you a wearing a little too much”

“Oh right” she said and got up and took her dress and bra off as she started to remove her knickers I said, “Leave them on for now”. She climbed up on the bed, and started to move toward me. “I still have my pants on” and she smiled saying, “I’d better do something about that then”

She knelt on the bed, with her head hovering above my belt buckle and started to slowly and carefully, undo my belt and buttons of my pants. As she did, I pulled her arse up toward my chest so I could run my hands over her big butt cheeks. She started to pull at my pants a bit more vigorously, so I lifted my arse to help her get them off, she then found my growing bulge in my underpants and started to rub me. I gently slipped my hand under her knickers, running my fingers down over her arse cheeks towards her pucker, but not going too far. She started to wriggle a little with anticipation, and I felt her legs shaking. She then grabbed my underpants violently pulling them down, and as my manhood sprang up, she met him with her lips. Kissing and sucking at him softly at first, then taking him into her mouth as deep as she could. I slowly moved my hand down on her arse, into her crack and finding a pussy already absolutely dripping wet. I gently touched her lips, moving my hand around to her clit. Her button was hard and round, so I gently stroked around it a few times before running a finger over the top of it. She let out a low moan and pushed her arse against my hand. I moved my hand up a touch and carefully inserted a finger into her soaking hole. She moaned a little more and started pushing again. I placed a second, and then a third finger in a started to move my hand in and out, slowly at first then a little faster, letting my pinkie finger run over the top of her clitty as I went. She started working my cock with quite some force, and I could tell that she was enjoying my touch. Her juices were running all down my hand and arm. She was so very wet. I coated my thumb in her juice and slowly worked it into her butt hole, while still moving my hand in and out of her pussy. Her moans became quite loud, and she thrust her arse into my hand time, and time again. She let out a huge yell, and I felt her pussy and arse tighten on my hand. I kept it moving and before long her butt hole tightened until my thumb felt crushed, and her pussy crushed my fingers together. She started to pant and juices squirted from her pussy in all directions.

“Already?” I said to her smiling.

“What did you expect?” she said smiling but still panting. “But we’re not done yet!”

She pushed me back on the bed, pulled her knickers off and threw them across the room. Grabbing my cock, and giving it a few quick hard tugs, she smiled and climbed on top of me, slowly lowering herself down on to my cock, any semblance of nervousness long gone. She was so wet, that I went straight into her pussy. She let out a moan as I slid inside her far enough that I could feel my knob hard against the top of her tube. “Oh you go sooo deep!” she said as she began to move up and down on my shaft. I grabbed at her tits as they swayed in front of me, squeezing them firmly until they reddened. She leant forward a little as she began to fuck me harder. I placed her nipple in my mouth and sucked at it greedily, and then the other. I pushed her tits together placing both nipples in my mouth and sucking hard, while thrusting up toward her, as she pushed down hard against me.

We went at it like that for some time, before I began to feel her pussy tighten on my shaft. “Oh grab my arse she yelled”, so I grabbed her ample cheek and squeezed it hard, shaking her arse up and down in line with our rhythm. Before much longer, she was yelling out in passion again, her cunt tightening and squeezing my shaft until I thought it would burst. Then the flood of love juice poured down over my balls and on to the bed. This woman was seriously wet!

She fell on to the bed exhausted from her work, smiling all the while. I moved in behind her, and slid my cock into her pussy from behind, pulling her arse cheeks apart to get deeper into her tunnel. She moaned a little as I did and moved a leg forward a fraction to allow me greater access. I slowly began shafting her while grabbing her tit and squeezing her nipple softly. She pushed her arse forward making it harder for me to enter her pussy, and lining me up with her butthole. I knew what she wanted. I pulled my cock up and ran it over her arse hole a few times to spread the juice, and then lined up my knob and thrust it into her arse. She let out a yelp. “Slowly, slowly” she said, smiling. I gently fucked her arse tunnel until it loosed up a bit, and then began thrusting away. I could see by her face that she loved it. I rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs high in the air, placing them on my shoulders. Moving in close, I thrust my cock into her butt hole again, fucking her hard for a while.

Eventually we stopped for a break, covered in sweat, and needing a drink to recover. We lay on the bed for a while resting. I gently stroked her back and thighs helping her relax. Before long, she was sucking my cock, getting me hard again. I gently started pushing her head down a little and pulling her hair. It seemed she really enjoyed that, so I pulled it a little harder. She lost control at that stage, throwing me back on the bed again, with an almost animal look in her eyes.

She climbed on top of me yet again, thrusting up and down on my shaft like a daemon possessed. “I’m not going to last long if you keep that up” I said to her, and she said “do it! I wanna feel you cum inside me!” and she began to thrust harder and harder, banging my balls hard against her arse, while my shaft moved in and out of her at lightning speed. It didn’t take long before I could feel the build up, and I began to moan myself. That seemed to be further incentive for her, and she began fucking me even harder. My balls shrank and my knob exploded. I felt three really, strong kicks as my cum shot up inside her. “I can feel it going in!” she yelled thrusting down on my shaft and holding there. She sat there for a while smiling at me, as my cock slowly shrank having finished its business. Eventually my cock fell out of her wet pussy, and a combination of her juices and my cum ran all over my legs, covering and soaking the sheets.

We lay there for a while discussing the events of the evening, before I dressed to leave. We laughed over how long we have known each other, and never thought that we would find ourselves in bed together. We said our good buys with a message for me to thank my wife very much for “lending me her husband”