Written by Boundary Explorer

19 Jan 2012

I have always enjoyed watching women doing the glory hole in Porn movies. The anonymity is a huge turn on. I have been Bi Curious for many years. When I was growing up a close mate and myself engaged in mutual masturbation as young boys and never grew out of it. We have kept doing it for 30 years despite the girlfriends and wives and he still loves to suck my cock but lives interstate so encounters are virtually zero. What started out as mutual masturbation watching porn gradually became more adventurous. He would always initiate by wanking me off and after some time I would reciprocate. I would have only ever engaged with him and sometimes with our girlfriends in threesomes over the years. He enjoyed sucking my cock and swallowing my come and he was good at it. A few years back he convinced me to try sucking his huge uncut cock. We were having a threesome with a girl. I was laying on my back with her straddling my face and he was fucking her hard from behind. I was licking her clit while he was pounding her pussy. The girl was going crazy and the sight of his huge cock intoxicated me. I sucked and licked his cock covered in her pussy juice as he fucked my mouth then her cunt. We both sucked him off till he came hard all over her tongue and lips. Since that day I have found myself to enjoy even crave, sucking his cock. I enjoy gag movies and have watched and learn't from girls how to take his huge 12" fat uncut cock all the way down my throat and swallow. It remains our dirty little secret desire and informed my curiosity.

I felt very horny today and made my way down to a porn store in the city to buy a toy for a girl I'm seeing on the weekend. I looked prospects and saw a sign for the "Suck-atorium" and decided to satisfy my curiosity after reading about it in a forum. I paid my money and went inside confronted by a common room with benches showing hetro porn (I was worried about gay porn which is a turn off for me). I noticed a guy at the counter outside had followed me in and was hanging outside the room in the doorway as I sat down. After a while my cock was hard, partly from the trashy gang bang porn but mostly because I glanced over and another guy in the room had his cock out as did the guy who followed me in had. I glanced over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of a big fat hard cock on a trim tight body. I decided to pull out my cock and the turn on of this anonymous masturbation made my 9 inches as hard as a rock. I zipped up and went out the back and the guy followed me with another guy watching. I had no idea what I was doing, as this was living for the now or never. I fumbled behind an open partitioned wall adjoining a booth with the door open and started masturbating through the glory hole. The guy who's face I had not seen had followed me as if he sensed fresh meat and couldn't believe his luck. He closed the door and gently grabbed my cock and inspected it. He proceeded to lick, suck, deep throat and worship my cock and balls with such skill I was completely comfortable and let go. I fucked his eager mouth teasing him for ten minutes or so as he expertly took my hard cock in his mouth submissively without a blink. I started to come and as he felt me exploding he took all my whole rock hard 9' cock down his throat and swallowed every drop of the huge load of come I squirted down his throat. He then licked my cock so clean, there was nothing to clean up. I pulled up my pants, spent from one of the best head jobs I have ever had and walked out as anonymously as I walked in without a word , without the toy I went in for.

I am not into anal, sucking, kissing other men or have gay leanings. My friend has wanted me to fuck his ass for years and although I have DP'd a girl with him and had both our cocks in the ass and pussy of girlfriends and wives, I can fuck a woman in the ass but not any man. I have tussled with having the dirty little secret with my friend for many years. I am an attractive guy and have been propositioned many times by gay, bi and bi curious men never feeling the desire to go there.

I must admit this was one of the hottest sexual kinks I have ever tried. So I guess I am just a guy who loves head from submissive men and women. I thought of using my new blow job skills and sucking a mans cock through the glory hole however, it remains a boundary. I would love to go back with a special girl I see who is totally submissive and see what pans out. Either way I will be back and will take my mate there when he is in town.