Written by Bradley_lee

31 Jul 2012

The lone Meerkat sits, ready to play,a six pack of beer, he's been drinking all day.

The twinge in his loins he reads as a sign,"gonna get me a woman and have a good time".

Computer warms up, he grabs a cold beer,"damn, look at her titties, I need her right here".

"Whispa, Whispa, Whispa" it's going all right,why's she not answering, she must be uptight.

Wat doe's she mean she's looking for Bi,look at me, I'm one hell of a guy.

"Whispa, Whispa, Whispa", I'm her wet dream,still no answer, what doe's that mean ?

Off to the fridge for another cold brew, whats that there? they're looking for two.

Well I'm only one so I'll fuck her hard twice, the hubby wont mind, he'll treat me real nice.

"Whispa, Whispa, Whispa", the stuck up cow,I want hot sex and I want it now!

What do they mean they don't want my cock, it's that damn fella, hes running a block.

I know she wants me, but it's that fuckin' bloke, hes the prick between me and a poke.

Out of the corner, he looks from his eye, another lone pinky looking for bi.

A slug of his stubby, a scratch of a ball, she's gonna have me, no problems at all.

"Whispa, Whispa, Whispa", I will pester her numb, she will be begging me by the time I am done.

This site is rubbish, no pussy in here, their either stuck up, or all fucking queer.

Two more stubbies and off go the jocks, out comes the lube, and there goes the socks.

He tugs and he pulls, and curls up his toe's, squints like a china man and blows bucket loads.

See what their missing, them weird and them odd, this hard young body, this mighty sex god.

Mumbling and grumbling, he goes nighty nighs, the computers still running when he opens his eyes.

He scratches his nuts, feeling real proud, I made an impression, I'm part of the crowd.

He shakes his head to clear his eyes, and a hot young couple is the first thing he spy's

"Whispa, Whispa, Whispa", I'm so damn horny, could someone help me with my morning glory.