Written by I_luv_it

19 May 2012

We arrive at the hotel and got to our room. you strip off your cloths and head for the shower, as you go I take off my cloth and stand there naked......

You immediately come back out of the bathroom and say “Pete there are no towels in there” I tell you to ring room service and get some. You ring 199 and ask the maid for some towels “sorry miss I will be right there” she says to you.

We are both naked you by the bathroom door and I am standing by the unit door, a knock on the door announces the maid with the towels. “Just a moment” you say and move to the bathroom. I open the door standing behind it so that the maid can not see me. She walks into the room and you come out the bathroom naked, “Sorry I did not mean to disturb you” she says, “That’s ok, just put them in the bathroom”. She moves into the bathroom and I move over to you and start to kiss you hard on the mouth. My cock is hard and standing up in the ready position. I start to finger your pussy as you play with my cock. The maid comes out the bathroom, sees us and stammers “I have to go”. She is about 20 years old around 5-6” tall a red head and very attractive. Her uniform has a zipper front that is showing some cleavage. I say to her “Do you like what you see?” “I am sorry sir but I am not sure what you mean” you then say “He means do you like the look of us playing” the maid Sue according to her name badge, replies “I think you both look good but I must go back to work” I take my fingers from you pussy and guide you over to where Sue is standing. I take your hand and place it on Sue’s tit. She gasps and stammers “Can’t must go” I whisper in your ear to unzip her uniform and kiss her. You obey me and slowly pull the zipper down reviling a white lacy bra and two lush’s tits straining to be free, you lean into her and kiss her on the lips, slowly she responds and kiss you back.

I move behind Sue and remove her uniform, then unclip her bra, you assist and remove the bra completely, your hands move to her tit gently rubbing her nipple, which is getting hard between your fingers. I guide you both to the bed you lay down with sue. You continue to rub her tits then lower your mouth over her nipple and start to suck it, she moans more and as I sit on the end of the bed I can see that there is a wet patch forming on her panties. I reach up and remove her panties to revile a delightful little pussy that is covered in red hair. As you and Sue kiss she moves her hand and starts to play with your tits, and bends over and starts to suck on your nipple. I move up the bed and between her legs. I start to finger fuck her pussy amazed at how wet it has become. I bend over and start to lick her clit sliding my tongue inside her cunt, she moves against my face so I tongue fuck her harder. I slip a finger then two into her cunt felling for her G spot, I find it and she moans with pleasure. You move around so that you are sitting on her face with your pussy over her mouth, she flicks your clit with her tongue and slips a finger into your cunt. I move my fingers in and out of her cunt faster and faster, Sue takes a breath and screams “Oh god I am coming” as she squirts her cunt juices all over my face. You starer in disbelief as her juices gush all over the place “Nic come down here and drink it all up” I command you. You do as I say and place your mouth over her pussy and drink all her juices. “My god...that tastes so good”. You say.

“Fuck” says Sue “That was fucking terrific...now fuck me” Who am I to argue. So I move up over her, you take my cock in your hand and move it to her waiting cunt. I insert my cock into her wet hot cunt. I say “Nic let Sue keep licking your pussy and you bend forward and lick her clit as I fuck her” You do as I say and lick her clit and my cock as it moves in and out of her. Sue shouts again that she is coming but this time she does not squirt as much but you do manage to drink what you can. I feel myself coming and pull my cock out of her and tell you to wank me, which you do as I spray my cum all over Sue and you.

We all lay on the bed gasping for breath when we hear a beeper going off “Fuck” says Sue “That will be my manager wondering where I am” “What time do you finish work tonight” I ask Sue “Around 11, why?” “I thought you might like to come over after work for a drink” “I will think about it” she says as she gets up and gets dressed and leaves.


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