Written by I_luv_it

17 Aug 2012

The Maid........

We all lay on the bed gasping for breath when we hear a beeper going off “Fuck” says Sue “That will be my manager wondering where I am” “What time do you finish work tonight” I ask Sue “Around 11, why?” “I thought you might like to come over after work for a drink” “I will think about it” she says as she gets up and gets dressed and leaves.


You wake up about 6.30pm “My god did I need that sleep, but you should have woken me earlier” “No Nic you will need all the sleep for tonight” “Why what do you have planed” “You will just have to wait and see” I say to you.

“Well I need to have a pee” you say, and walk into the bathroom. I follow you to the bathroom and say “No do not sit on the toilet, stand in the shower and pull your pussy open and let me watch you pee” “But Pete I can not pee with you watching me, it feels so funny” I say to you “Yes you can and you will need to get used to it” You move to the shower, bend back slightly and pull your pussy flaps apart. You look at me with those pleading eyes and let you pee flow. At the sight of you pissing my cock gets rock hard in an instant. “My god that turned you on so quick” you say. “Yes it has but there will be time later for you to do something about it” I reply. As you finish pissing you steep out the shower and stand there in front of me. “You look so sexy standing there pouting at me” I say and drop to my knees and lick your pussy, only to find that is wet and not just from your pee. I only lick you for a short time. “Don’t stop” you say. “Later we have to get dressed for dinner” “Oh Peter I want you to fuck me, I am so wet for you”. “I said latter, now let’s get dressed”

We move back into the room and you ask me which dress to ware “This sexy black one or the alluring red one” you say as you hold both dresses up. “I think the sexy black one, as it has a deep neck line and a split up the front” “good I like that one too, now which set of undies do I put on? This black bra and G-string or this white set?” “Bra and panties? You will not put on any” “But Peter my tits could pop out” “so” I reply. You pout, but put the dress on. “That looks stunning, I can see most of your great tits, and that split up the front will be good later” “Oh Peter you are so very naughty. I take it that you will not have any jocks on”? “Just my slacks and shirt. Let’s go”

We walk out the room to the lift. The door opens and the lift attendant just can not keep his eyes off your tits as we go down to the restaurant level. The doors open and I guide you to the head waiters’ desk. “Welcome sir, madam this way please” He takes us over to a table by the windows. The table is a round one with a curved padded seat. You sit down and move around so that you have your back to the window and are facing the restaurant, as you move around the seat your tits bounce up and down and move in the dress so that your left nipple is just showing. The waiter can not keep his eyes from almost popping out of his head. I sit down next to you and put my hand down you dress to put your tit back in “Sorry about that but they do have a mind of their own” I say to him, he blushes and walks away. You smile and whisper to me that was not very nice. The drink waitress comes up to take our drinks order. “Would you like a drink miss, sir” she says. She is in her early 40’s blond and about 5’7” with small tits, her name badge said “Jenny”. I say yes please we would like a bottle of Pepper Jack Shiraz. She moves off and you say she looks nice; they all ware the same uniforms. I look around the room, there are not many people in the restaurant, but there is a couple sitting on the next table. Both look about mid forty, he looks slim and good-looking. She is fairly slim with long jet black hair and is wearing a bright yellow off the shoulders dress that is showing a good bit of her tits. They see me looking at them so I lean over a say to you they are a nice looking couple. You look at them and smile and say yes.

The meal comes and you start to eat. I look up and the other couple who are staring at us or should I say at you. So I put my hand on you leg and move your dress so that it falls away exposing your waxed pussy. They look at each other then back at you, as I start to play with your pussy, which is already soaking wet. “Mmmm that feels so good, but that couple are watching us” “I know that is why I am doing it” I continue to play with your pussy and you stop eating and enjoy the sensation. “Unzip my pants and play with my cock” I command you. You obey me and as you start playing with my cock we both look at the other couple who just stare at the action going on under the table. We finish our meal and I start to play with your pussy again, my cock is still half out my pants but I tell you not to play with it. The guy from the table gets up and moves of towards the men’s room. I say to you to follow him and have a pee in the men’s room. You look at me and I say “That is why you had a practise in the room”. You get up and move off. The women gets up just as you disappear into the mens room. I get up and follow her to the ladies room. I walk in as she closes the cubical door. I go into the next cubical and take a piss. I hear her flush the loo and I do the same. I come out the cubical as she is washing her hands, she looks at me and says “You should not be in here” “I know, but I wanted to talk to you” “You do know that Tom and I can see what you are doing under the table” “That was the idea, do you like what you saw” she answers “Well we have not seen that in a restaurant before” I ask her name and she is Kate. “Nice to meet you Kate, I am Pete and my partner is Nic, enjoy the rest of you meal by the way you have great tits” She walks out and I follow.

I get back to our table and you say where were you. I tell you that I had to have a piss. “Tell me what happened in there”. I ask you “Well I walked in and there he was with his cock in his hand having a pee, I walked over to the urinal next to him said hi, and lifted my dress had a pee. I looked at him and said nice cock, he looked at me funny and said thank you, I think”. You did well, are you still all wet and horny, “You bet, that was a great turn on”. I put my arm around your shoulder and pull your head onto my shoulder, as I do so my hand brushes your dress so that your tit is exposed, you start to pull away, “No, let Tom and Kate have a good look” you look at me and say “You know them?” “No I asked Kate in the loo”

I continued to play with your tit and pulled your dress apart to show Kate and Tom your pussy, they just continued to look. Tom lent over and said something to Kate who nodded her head. Tom then put his hand under the table and started to rub Kate’s pussy through her white panties. I say to you to take my cock out and start to play with it, you do as I say and we both look across at Kate and Tom. I say to them across the room “Do you want to come over here and have a drink?” they look at each other, then stand up and came over to our table. I introduced you to them, my hand still on your tit and your hand still playing with my cock. They sit down and pour a wine into their glasses.

I see the waiter coming over so I pull your dress back into place and you put my cock back in my pants. The waiter brings both bills. I say “Kate Tom would you like to come to our room and have another drink?” Tom replies “we have to go down the road first but may later” “That’s fine our room is 1235 just walk in as we are going to get comfortable and have a drink” “Ok may see you latter” Tom and Kate then get up pay their bill and walk out. We get up and you say “That was a great meal I loved the desert”