30 Apr 2019

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I was camping out bush the other day the camp site was starting to get busy filling up with tourist and I helped these 2 young guys who didnt really know how to put up a tent.

The 2 of them had no shirts on and very loose shorts you could see their bolding cocks and they knew i was looking there.

I started to put the tent up for them with a little help from them too and they talked about me coming over for dinner for helping them with their tent. I obliged and once I smelt them cooking I went over with a couple of cans sat down on the chair they gave me.

The area were we where was dark as we were away from other campers so we could do as we wanted too.

they both still had the loose shorts on and no tops this was making me hard as you could see their heads of their cocks pocking out from the bottom of the shorts.

This started a talk about having sex with other guys as they liked it and they had been going from camp site to camp site finding guys who like having a good time with other guys. One of the men started to pull the head of his cock from the bottom of his shorts and it grew bigger each time he played with it and the other guy was also looking at his cock getting hard we had eaten our food and had some drinks and started they took theirs shorts off in front of me.

They both had shaved cocks and looking nice both of them and very hard and they asked me to take mine off so I stood up and they pulled my shorts down and when they were going down they put my cock into their mouths and started to suck me.

I sat down and they did too both holding each others cocks and played they wanted me to get closer to them so I did and they got hold of my cock they wouldn't let go so I had to stay like that while they played and played with my cock.

One of them stood in front of the other guy so he could suck him and I just watched while they played with my cock and the one who was getting sucked turned towards me and then I started to suck his hot cock as it wasn't real long or thick just right.

The other guy who had my cock in hand started to suck me too and then the guy who I was sucking off wanted me to sit in his cock while his friend was sucking me so I sat on his cock and he pumped and pumped his hot cock in me then they swapped as they both have very nice cocks great sizes, so I sat on the other guys cock and he pumped and pumped in me both Cumming inside me then we sat for awhile had a few more drinks while our cock were dripping cum.

we talked for awhile and yes naked we started to play again and this time it was my time to fuck them both and one of them wanted to fuck me while I am inside his friend so we got up and I put my cock back in his anal and the other guys came behind and put his cock in my anal and I was like the meat in the sandwich we fucked and fucked till cum was dripping out of us 2 .

the next morning they came to my camper trailer and wanted morning sex well I just couldn't refuse that idea so I let them in then we had some great fucking happening and we stayed naked all day so we can play.

One of their male friends turned up at their camp so we got dressed and went over to see him. He was also a tanned guy and we sat down had a coffee and talked for awhile I had my ensuite up with the shower ready to go as I wanted a shower so we all went to my camper they sat out in the annex talking and drinking and one of them wanted to use the toilet which I had set up in there too so I let him but he got a bit wet he sucked my cock while sitting down and they other 2 were hearing what was going on and they said strip off your wet clothes and wait till they dry off.

So he did and once I finished my shower those 3 were naked sitting and playing with each other as they were talking that both of them fucked me last night and this morning and they loved my tight anal made them cum quick. I sat down also naked with them and the new guy looked very nice he had a nice cock and anal too all tanned too which I love so he stood up came to me I gave his cock a bit of a tease he turned around and bent over so I could lick his anal.

the 4 of us had a great time fucking again till we had cum dripping everywere.

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