Written by Aussicowgirl

6 Jan 2014

We decided to go on a vacation and it was all about getting back to the way nature intended at Twin Falls Resort. Situated on a sprawling 40-hectare property west of Port Macquarie, it was full of tranquillity and lush bush surroundings of this beautifully located - exclusive clothes-free .

There has always been a fetish for public nudity so we book- in at a rustic cabin situated 3kms down a rainforest trail past the main homestead .

We pulled up the car an parked out side of this double story log cabin with a Wooden picket fence following the timber line around the house yard. All you could see was a dirt footpath through the timber heading down over a bank.

We opened the car doors all you could smell was the fresh sea breezes flowing though the trees . You turned off the ignition and put the car windows up. By this time I was around the back of the ucar bent over getting the belongings out.

I was wearing a nice flowing dress with some sandals.

I asked wether you wonted to take the suit cases in side ?

- Yerh babe I'll take them that will be fine !

I was looking in my handbag as you walked around to the back of the car, you walk up behind me an pinched my firm arse ,

-What was that for ?

-Well baby it was there and I couldn't resist it , as you were bent over I could see your silk undies under your dress !

-Ok !

You walked up behind me and slowly put your hands on my hips pulling me towards you , i could feel a bulge in your pants , you started to rub you cock through ya jeans firm up against my arse .

Mmmm baby I replayed tightening my arse up !

I stood back up against you and you start kissing the back of my neck

- oh baby please stop it's giving me goose bumps !

- it's fine babe just go with it , my cock is so hard for you, how bout you take you undies off ?

- are you kidding me ?

- no babe I would like you to take your undies off an expose your nice tight wet pussy you have been showing me.

"Yes sir " I replied with a cheeky grin

I lifted my dress up and got a hold of my undies started to take them down to my ankles .

You said " stop there ". Rubbing your hand up the back of my leg.

By this stage I could start my pussy getting wet and my nipples getting aroused .

As I'm bent over in front of you , you take your hand and run over my freshly waxed pussy lips , sliding a finger down from my clit to my arse running past my hot opening .

You say come over here babe lean up in to the back of the car . ( I do so exposing my nice firm arse an dripping wet pussy ) fuck your so wet I just won't a fuck your nice tight pussy sooooo bad !

You gently slide a finger up deep in to my pussy , feeling it contract tightly around it .

You whisper babe it's going to be fine just try and relax .

I feel you pulling your finger out and you start rub my swollen clit ,

my clits getting really sensitive ,

You open my pussy lips an start to slid 2 fingers in - finger fucking my tight wet pussy !

Baby how does my fingers feel in my tight wet pussy ?

- it feels soo good

- are you ready to be fucked deeply by my nice hard cock yet ?

- not not yet Hun a little more foreplay is needed.

-oh baby you drive me wild , can't wait to explode my load deep in side you , I have been waiting for this for a long Time!

- babe stop

- hunni but you feel so good your pussy is dripping wet

-just stop for a minute

- ok

You slowly pull ya finger from deeply inside my pussy , I stand up take your fingers covered in juices into my mouth tasting my nice warm pussy .

I slowly move my hands down towards your jeans zipper an start creasing your nice hard cock though ya pants ,

You you put your hands at the back of my head bringing my lips closer to yours , all you can smell an taste was my pussy ..

You start start to kiss me with one hand holding me tight up against you , the other creasing my nice firm Brest .

I start to move both my hands to your zipper , I slowly undo it and slide my hand into your pants feeling your percum through your undies .

I start teasing your cock through ya undies .

- fuck babe please just get my hard cock out your driving me wild , all I can think about it is sliding deep into your pussy.

-babe that's the whole point of it , to keep you waiting an teasing you so it's more intense for you when your deep inside my tight wet pussy

- Please babe just hop in the back of the car with your legs spread apart so I can slid deep inside .

- sounds so good but no !

I take your pants off sliding them down to your ankles an kneel on the ground .

I start tasting you per cum on the out side of your undies your cock Is bulging out into my face.

I run my hand up the inner part of your leg an start playing with your balls .

All I could smell was your hot precum ..

I slid ya undies to one side so could suck on your cock , I grab the base of your nice hard cock an slowly tease the tip with my tongue I slowly make my way down to your balls taking them into my mouth teasing you ..

- oh baby I just won't to feel your lips around my cock , this is so good !

- oh yer babe your cock tastes soo soo good.

I take the tip of your cock into my mouth an slowly start to tease it with my mouth , my hand is down folding your balls an rubbing your arse hole .

-babe I can't take you teasing my cock any more .

You grab the back of my head an slowly start to push it hard up against your cock , you start to thrust your hips.

You make me take your cock deep into my mouth a couple of times to taste your pre cum . All I could feel was your cock deep inside my mouth and hitting the back of my throat , my throat was contracting around you tip milking your juices.

You pulled out as I was gagging ,

- babe do you like to be dominated ?

- what do you mean ?

- well I just dominated you by pushing your head against my hard cock!

- it depends babe wether you have trust in the guy your doing it with , it could go ether way ,

-well baby do you trust me ?

- Yerh of course I do , I wouldn't let you do it if I wasn't ..

- ok babe just as long as your happy , now where were we up to ?

- woo up babe lets get these things out of the car !

- no babe that can wait you can't leave me hanging like this .

- it's fine babe come on !

I grabbed a hand full of stuff from out the back of the car and took it up inside to the cabin and sat it on the bench , you got the suitcases an walked in be hind me with out ya jeans on ,

-Babe WTF , where are your jeans ?

- they are out the near the car were you took them of me , why ?

-it's fine , all good - with a grin on my face

You walked up the stairs into the bed room with the cases.

- Hunni have you seen up stairs ?

-no babe I haven't I have just walked in

- come up I have something to show you .

I walk up stairs in to the bed room that looked over the trees on to the beach all you could see was the glistening blue ocean with a few nude couples walking along it .

I asked

OMG babe what have I got myself into ?

- don't stress babe I told you when we are naked everyone is the same - clothes so much dictate who you are , where you come from , how much money you have etc etc - no clothes and we are all the same - just different shapes - and that just makes everyone an individual

- Yerh that's true babe .

-it's going to be fine we are both in the same boat here.

- righto

You walk over to the bed , an sit down on the edge .

- come sit with me babe its so comfy !

I walk over to you - you grab me an pull me towards your hot body running your hands up my back an un clipped my bra .

" doesn't that feel better baby with that un clipped ?"

You lye down on your back pulling me on top of you with my pussy hovering over your bulging cock .

I lean down kissing your lips you grab each Side of my hips and guide me lower so I can feel your wet tip through your undies at my pussy lips , ( it feels so good, a different sensation , the pressure of your cock at my entrance but can't go any further - I love guys teasing me ).

You bring your hands up creasing my breasts , I feel your hand slip underneath my dress to feel my bare skin . You twirl your fingers round an round feeling my nipple getting erect.

- babe your breasts are fucking awesome , they are nice and firm and your brown nipples are just the right size to suck ,

- oh Yeah babe they are a nice hand full ,

- babe bring them closer to me

I lean over towards you . Your hand cupping my Brest and guiding my nipple into your mouth , you slowly lick my nipple sending tickling feeling all over my body . Your hand s way down my back to my nice firm arse you grasp it pulling me towards you , all I can feel between my pussy lips is your hard cock wonting to slide strait in to my tight wet pussy , restrained by your undies

- babe I won't you to do me a favour with these fucking undies getting in the road of me feeling your hot wet juices

-lol and what might that be ?

- well you know how much I wont to feel your tight pussy around my cock , I just wont my undies off

- under one condition

-your kidding me , what's that ?

- no I'm not kidding you , Im going to get you to move up onto the middle of the bed and ... Un sure yet but I'll think of some thing .

- what have you got planed for me ?

-mmmm not telling , lets get those undies off your nice hard cock !

You slide your self into the middle of the bed lying back on the pillows . I move my self between your legs , I gently run my tongue up the inside of your thighs , I take my hand an start groping your balls , all I can see is your cock getting harder and a wet spot getting larger on your undies .

I make my self comfy between your legs lowering my mouth towards your precum , I move your undies to one side letting your cock spring up into my mouth , I nibble your tip tasting your precum on my lips , my hand is at the base of your cock slowly sliding up to meet my mouth , I get into a rhythm ( swirling my tongue around your sensitive tip , massaging your balls , deep throating your cock , stroking it with alternating strengths in my hand )

I get you to the point were you are in the verge of cumming, I slow down the rhythm start removing your undies .

You lift your bottom up and start to pull your undies down , my hands meets you 1/2 ways down to your knees , I lower my head kissing your balls running my tounge from the base of you cock to the tip , then back down the the underside of it ,

I start kissing your thighs making my way slowly to a side of your undies , I grab them with my teeth sliding them down to your ankles you slid you feet out and flick them on the floor .

I slowy guide my over the top of your yours with me legs wide apart ether side of your hips and slowly slipped a condom on .

I was in a delighted situation, turned-on by the realisation that i was about to be screwed by this magnificent older male . I was certainly not going to hold back .

I was full of anticipation as i felt your hard firm cock begin to gingerly contact my moist labia. The head of your massive cock probed imploringly at the outer banks of my womanhood, poking shallowly into my slippery cunt lips as if to discover the proper route into her depths. "Mmmmm," a flirtatious and encouraging moan quietly escaped My mouth

When your nice hard cock found the path into my well-primed canal, hyou lingered enticingly at the periphery of my impatient cunt, enjoying the anticipation of what would happen next. My moaning became playful and sexy, imploring you to put your cock further into me, In an instant you penetrated me , the massive width of your rock-hard cock stretching the entrance to my tight pussybIn unfamiliar ways, A sense of intrusion and fullness began to overwhelm me suddenly too-small pussy .

I felt that I truly might not be able to contain your hard cock within me as you pushed first tentatively and then slightly deeper into my pussy ,causing new excitement and providing a type of vaginal stimulation i had never experienced before. Almost out of curiosity, to see whether i could repel the advance of this huge cock within me, I tightened my pelvic muscles and attempted to squeeze myself closed. But because I was spread so wide, my maneuver actually served to massage your nice thick hard cock in a way that invited further penetration.

As i bore down with my pelvic muscles, the walls of my slick vagina closed comfortably around your rigid cock, and when I let up on the gripping, you slowly slid yet further into my primed body. My moaning became progressively more passionate as I coaxed you gradually deeper into my vulva. Instinctively I repeated my muscular contractions, and as you worked yourself farther into my dripping wet pussy , with our sex organs tuned on an ragging with hormones, we start to work together as a team; each partner's effort intensifying their own and each other's pleasure. As you pumped your massive hard cock in and out of my creamy wet pussy, my feminine cistern sang back to you in a language of gripping contractions, and viscous, smooth muscle massage. Every cell in my body felt alive and tuned to this new, powerful frequency, and my desire is only that this volcanic bliss should continue forever.

The primitive portion of my brain commanded my legs, thighs, and my hostage gluteal muscles to intensify the coordinated vaginal massage of your powerfully hard and throbbing penis. Your powerful, confident thrusts were matched perfectly by the engulfing, almost smothering contractions of my hot and dripping wet pussy.

After an interval that seemed prolonged and yet fleeting, the drama between the 2 of us began to near its apogee. Sensing the inevitable, you plunged even deeper into my nurturing warmth as we simultaneously succumbed to massive orgasms. Your hard cock began to spasm powerfully within my tight wet pussy as you climaxed, releasing your prodigious load safely within my tight wet pussy and within the condom.

In response, i screamed out partially muffled wails of profound ecstasy as my vagina contracted in intense orgasm, releasing my own magnificent flood of sticky wetness. As my nervous system finally overloaded, my body began to tremble uncontrollably and my vocalizations trailed off into a mix of grateful sobbing and tears, as i entered a world beyond critical thought, beyond all concerns...

Laying there nice an relaxed and seeing stars with a dazed look on my face you ask,

- babe are you ok ?

-Yerh Hun ,wow that was felt amazing with your nice hard cock in my pussy , but fuck its scary I'm seeing stars and my legs are still shacking WTF ?

- it's fine babe I have just fucked your pussy nice an deep an we both cum together it was pretty intense, just lay there close ya eyes and relax .

- ok Hun , you ok ?

- I'm over the moon I made you cum , I can't believe how your body has reacted to the stimulation ...


I drift off to Semi unconscious sleep ,waking up with your naked body cuddled in up against my back . Your natural cock against my arse cheeks your arms around me , I feel you lean over an give me a kiss on the cheek , a reach around an give you cock a little tickle ,mourning into my back to face you .

- hi babe how ya feeling now after ya little nana nap ?

- babe I feel great nice an revived now ! How bout ya self ,

- good good , you look so peace full sleeping can I tell you some thing ?

- of course babe what's that ?

- you must have been tired , um .......I was playing with your arse...

- what... You cheeky thing

-Yerh I love the feeling of your arse , it's..... Geeeeez just Devine .......

- ok babe I suppose we should go have a freshen up before our walk to the beach ,

- sounds good Hunni what ya wearing ?

- just a sarong maybe

- sounds good babe I'm just going my birthday suit .

- are you sure about that ?

-positively sure remember with no cloths on we are all the same except different shape and that why we are unique, and we are at a nudist resort .

- ok Hun fuck it , I'm not wearing cloths either .

- Awesome baby ya ready ?

-wait ill get a couple of towels

- ill be down stairs waiting out side .