Written by ElenaJay93

11 Dec 2013

I try to stay still and control my breathing as you eat me out making me moan, you slide 3 fingers inside and start pounding my tight, wet hole. Your fingers teasing my gspot and your tounge exploring my clit. My breathing gets faster, you feel your fingers getting wet and slick from my juices.Pulling your soaked fingers out you shove them in my mouth so I can taste myself. Grabbing my leg you flip me over on my stomach and slowly slid into my ass, I gasp in shock and adjust to the size. You start moving in and out, my head spinning taking me close to release. I hear your breathing getting redgit and feel you sweating. My breathing fast and pussy hot and dripping. Pulling out you get me to go on all fours. My heart rates pumping, i feel you spread my juices with the tip of your cock around my warm pussy. I cry in pleasure when you go deep inside me thursting hard and rough. You grab a handfull of my hair in a ponytail and forse me to turn my head to look back at you fucking me.

Holding on for support you dig your fingers into my hips. Getting all primal you fuck me fast and deep, desperate to let go. Hearing you moan and your breathing fast you fuck me till I cant take no more. My tight little cunt starts to tightens around your big cock as waves of pleasure wash over me. Reaching orgasm I cry and let go cuming all over your rock hard dick. You keep violently thurst deep into me and explode, blowing your huge load fulling my pussy with your rich hot cum. It feels like ecstasy I can bearly stay up, my legs and arms skaking from exhaustion. You pull out of me and I feel warm fresh cum slowly slide down my inner thigh. I collapse on the bed and you fall on top of me.....xx