7 Oct 2018

While I was Camping

I went camping one weekend to an excluded spot you need a 4x4 to get too well I set the camping trailer up unhooked the car then got some fire wood for the open fire for latter.

I made a coffee and sat down in my camp chair then went for a walk down to the beach to think and gather my thoughts then went back to my camper stripped off my clothes and sat in my chair again with a beer.

I heard a vehicle coming near my area so I quickly put shorts on and it was my new friends who I met on line and had some good times with. so i took my shorts off again and sat down to finish my beer and they came over to me once they set up there area.

They also brought 2 other people 1 male and 1 female with them another male who also likes Bisexual things and yes they stripped too we talked for awhile and then the 2 women went off to the toilet.

Us men chatted while they went and one guy came closer to me and started to play with my cock and his cock and my friend said its ok then he came over and started to suck his cock while playing with mine.

The 2 womane came back and saw us 3 playing and sucking and they joined into which felt good wet pussy and cock at the same time what a great moment this was at the time. the game we played was ( who cums first has to suck till the others cum in their mouths) yeah you thought right it was me as i dont know how to hold back. So i sucked 2 cocks and 2 clits till they cum.

Latter that evening we sat around again and talked for awhile again then we all went for a walk down the beach at night then we swam for a little while and then went back to the camp site the one guy who liked playing with my cock stayed behind when the others went off. We fucked and sucked each other dry and we went to bed yeah he slept in my trailer with me as he was still horny so i let him fuck me as much as he wanted too. the next morning we got up all hard as and the women wanted to have some fun with the cocks too so they sat on mine and we fucked and filled their pussys up with cum.