12 Dec 2016

It all started when an old mate Brad contacted me on Facebook, when I started having major fantasises about seeing sarah fucked by another man.

Some years before Sarah and I were married we were going through an experimental stage and one of the fantasies that came up was a threesome.

We were watching a porno at Brads house and as we were sitting behind him I managed to play with Sarah's pussy which was getting wet the more we watched.

It had come time for me to take her home and she readjusted her jeans and we said bye to Brad and left.

On the way home we were talking about the porno and how horny it had made us both and to my surprise Sarah said that she wasn’t fussed had Brad turned around and caught me fingering her during the movie.

That was when we got on the subject of having a threesome with Brad as he was a safe bet for keeping things hush hush.

For the next few days I continued to bring up what we had discussed and finally Sarah gave in and agreed for Brad to come over and fuck her.

I jumped straight on it and called Brad who was more than eager to come over. So i went and picked him up.

When we arrived Sarah h

ad had a few quick shots of bourbon to loosen her inhibitions, which seemed to do the trick.

She came and sat down next to me while the three of us watched a porn film of a threesome.

I unbuttoned her top and released her braless tits exposing her large pink nipples. Brad could not help himself and sat watching intently.

I started rubbing her clit and noticed she was soaking wet, so I made her stand up and pulled doen her pants and underwear exposing her neatly trimmed pussy.

That was enough for Brad and he quickly stood up and sat down next to Sarah and released his fat cock.

Sarah reached out and started to feel his cock while he sucked on her nipple and fingered her roughly. I then got down on my knees and started to like her sopping hole while she masturbated my friends thick cock.

Just as she came I suggested Brad put on a condom and fuck her but it was too late as he had already cum all over her arm.

I then fucked her in front of him while he watched until I came. I offered her to him again but he had already released a load earlier, so we went to bed where I fucked her another two times.

Since that night I always fantasised about that night wishing that Brad had given Sarah a good hard fucking in front of me. So when out of the blue he contacted me on Facebook it stirred up some old fantasies of mine.

We got talking about old times and the talk about that night managed to work its way into the conversation. Brad told me how he still thought about it and wished he could have managed to stick his cock up her that night. I told him I wished he had too and was he up for a second go if the opportunity arose again. He jumped at the chance so I waited until the next time we were fucking and asked Sarah if she liked his cock and would she give it another try.

To my surprise she said his cock was different and that she would give it a go. So I suggested we make contact .

Sarah agreed ,so we decided that we would meet up in a carpark somewhere and he would fuck her over the bonnet of the car and empty his seed into her unprotected cunt. This would be like playing Russian roulette with the chance he would make her pregnant.

I then contacted Brad and made the arrangements.

We met in a carpark in Canning Vale in full view of passing cars. As I wanted her to be roughly used without permission, made her get out of the car with just a red g-string on as soon as Brad pulled up.

He walked up pushed her over the bonnet of the car and ripped off her gstring where he forcefully shoved three fingers in her sopping hole.

He commented how she was a dirty slut and that she obviously wanted his cock up her as she was so wet.He then dropped his pants and rammed his thick rod up her cunt. She was moaning at every stroke which seemed to make him push harder.

The reality hit when his arse muscles tightened and he released a torrent of thick white spunk into her unprotected now sloppy pussy. He then pulled out wiped his cock on her arse cheek, squeezed her tits and got back into his car`and drove off.

I pushed Sarah onto the bonnet, spread her legs and cleaned out her pussy with my tongue. I then made her stay naked as I drove her home in full view of passing motorists.

A month later we found she was pregnant. She is now hornier than ever knowing she has my friends baby growing inside of her and any chance she gets will open her legs for any cock.