18 Jan 2016

We only had 10 minutes before the others showed up, but I wanted him so badly!

I rode him with a real horny vigorous purpose. I made sure to squeeze his wonderful cock with every perverted pelvic thrust. The feeling of his bare rigid shaft and swollen head slipping across my wet pussy and deep up into my body was lusciously intense. Soon enough I felt him begin to swell and pulsate, he rolled his head back and lifted his hips against me, primally driving his male seeding of my body. I felt him squirt what felt like a dozen shots of thick creamy cum, deep in my aching, lusting pussy, splashing across and against my cervix, filling me with his semen completely. The pulsing hot liquid feeling was intensely hot, just so incredible and it was sending me now into an earth shuddering orgasm of my own. I slammed down hard onto his cock one last time, grinding as deep as I could go onto his spasming cock and I urgently rode and milked him for every drop of his delicious cum his balls contained, my pussy drew it thickly up into my hungry womb. But now there was no more time to catch our breath and we grabbed at our hurriedly discarded clothing.

The doorbell rang whilst we were quickly getting dressed and with no time to find my panties, I slipped back into my little flowered summer dress and giggling at him, hurried off to the door. I hugged and kissed our guests hello, all the while I could feel some of his hot load starting to run down my inner thighs, I squeezed and pressed my legs together to gently hold his warm fluids within me, it made me smile.

I began introducing our new guests to my husband.