30 Mar 2017

It was the second meeting. Before I could tell her I was so horny and extremely hard, she had my zip undone and my cock swirling in her mouth. ? if only she knew how much this made it throb and become erect so much that the blood pumping around my body was all at her motion of working her tongue. I just held the orgasm as long as I could. Bobbing her head up and down and working the tongue and mouth in all the right places I blew my cum into the back of her throat. Nice protein shot and it did not stop there she just sucked it just like you would a lamb shank. All gone and licked her shiny lips ?. I then let her straddle onto my already hard cock as she worked it hard again. Up and down bouncing like she was horse riding she was enjoying the ride. My cock never felt do good it was hitting the right spot on my penis... I could tell each time she orgasmed as her juices flowed down my penis each time she gasped for breath and moaned in enjoyment.

Feeling like I wasn't doing much but excited I then proceeded to slide on top already soaping wet pussy on starting to ride her.... like I would peddle my bike up a hill. We ended up falling in a heap of both having multiple orgasms hmmm..