Written by shanemichaels

25 Sep 2010

By the time we got back to the cars our hormones were raceing, we hopped into the cars and I followed her back. We arrived at her house and went inside. 1st thing I heard was her 17year old daughter announce to her school friends that mum has brought him home! Rather funny considering she was screwing her own boyfriend on a regular basis, but mum bringing a man home!!

A quick drink and show around the house and we locked ourselves in the bedroom. We quickly stripped each other naked and began kissing and touching each others bodies. Now this lady had not had sex for like years and had not planned on fucking tonight. She had the hairiest pussy I'd seen since the 70's! I through her on the bed and went down on her, chewing through the hairy puss until I found the clit and began sucking on it. This one juicy pussy was drowning me in her cum and needed to be plugged. Best thing to do was fuck her! Now remember she hadn't had a root is years and yet she was as slippery as almighty. I eased my hard cock into her slowly, nice and tight yet welcomed like an old friend. We fucked all night until the morning. Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, I bent her over the bed and entered her from behind sticking my finger up her arse. It surprised her and I doubled fingered her as I squirted inside her pussy. By mid morning her daughter and friends had left so we ventured out and had some water and a shower. I was all ready to go before we started again this time we screwed in the lounge, laying her across the back of the lounge chair, I whipped her pants off and entered that nice hairy pussy for umpteenth time, roughly thrusting in and out of this tight puss. I came one more time squirting all over her belly and tits! Then just for good luck I rubbed it all over her belly and tits so she could smell me for the rest of the day. We get together from time to time and do some kinky shit, but thats for another time......................