Written by bi 3some

12 Sep 2011

we had met Frank often, nice guy big cock and good stamina, as we played he licked sues pussy while I sucked his cock, we both played with her, as he eased his big cock in her now wet pussy, building up speed, my cock sank deep in her mouth, after awhile I lubed my finger and slipped it in her arse, playing with her as his cock pounded away, once i thought she was opened up enough to take his cock, I gripped his cock and teased it towards her butt, he eased it in, working her open as he did, and once in began to pound her as before, my cock now going between her and his mouth, after awhile I got her to sit on my cock as he went back to fucking her arse, her orgasmys coming on quicker with every thrust, soon she needed a rest and we both slipped out, frank sliding his cock quickly into my butt, and began to fuck me with as much vigour as he had been with sue, my cock was being sucked by sue, we continued for some 30 mins or more before i felt franks cock grow and pulse deep in me as he shot reams of hot cum deep inside my well fucked arse, sue woved around and pushed her fingers in me playing with his cum, then her fist went in and i had one huge anal orgasmy, franks cum now running out and onto sue under me, I soon moved her around and found her wet arse for my cock to slip into, building up speed as she once more orgasmed on my cock,

after awhile franks cock once more found her butt open and ready for him, and we both went wild fucking her until she seemed to go into a dase, Frank has always had good cumming power and I again felt his cock though her virgina walls as he shot deep in her, no sooner had he pulled out then i turned her over and drove my cock in to feel the warmth of his cum on my cock, and all to soon I let out a yell as I filled her butt with sticky cum, we lay for awhile, I couldnt help but suck his cock as he lay there, he put up a very weak protest, but it wasnt long before it grew again and was ready once more, my arse finding its way onto him, and I rode atop him, sue got that look she gets from time to time and disapeared, a few mins later my arse was being invaded by one of my toys, sue had slipped on the strapon and was behind me, my fav 10 inch vib locked in place, and working its way into me, franks cock still working its magic as she pushed in with him, they carried on for some time, fucking me hard,, it was great,, iknew i could keep them both going, it was just a matter of time for frank his cock going wild, the vibrations were getting to him and his eyes told me it wasnt going to be long before i got a refil, being his 3rd for the night I though i would be lucky to get any, but ream after ream of cum roared from his cock, the vibrator pushing it out as sue contiued to fuck me driving frank wild as his cock got sensitive, as his cock slipped out I sat up and let the rest of his cum run out onto him, an then rubbed it in his chest,, licking some up as i did, sue joined in playing in his cum with me

strange watching him walk out later,, didnt think he walked that way hehehe a dat later he sms'd to say his nuts were still empty lol