Written by tomb63

29 Nov 2011

my fuckbuddy (shithead, she calls me shithead) had been chating to a few guys and organised for us to meat up with this guy. shithead and i had been fuckbuddies for sum time so we were comfy with each other and we both spoke bout a 3rd joining us be it guy or gal.

we had arranged to meat at a local beach and go out the back in the bush to play. we were there waiting for the guy to show up and just chating. when he did show up it turned out that i had met the guy before and we had had a quick play then.

so away we went alone the track and came out under some trees and well out of sight of others. shithead started to kiss the other guy as i stood back and watched then i joined in helping both to undress. still kissing i found shitheads cunt and it was wet and ready. the guys cock was hard and thick and uncut.

before long they were on the ground with the guy licking her cunt and after a while he climbed on and i held his cock as it entered her pink wettness... standing behind i got a great view of the thick cock pounding her wet cunt anf feeling his balls felt so nice. i just had to lick them. moving to the other end i saw her eyes looking at me and the joy i saw in them told me she was having fun. so i dropped to my knees and let her suck my cock. we were all in a happy place, and when i looked down i saw both of them were taking turns to suck my cock, yummmm...

soon after the guy pulled out and came over her cunt and belly. then it was my turn

she was wet and open ready for anything and i fucked her for all i was worth, and filled her cunt... mmm she still wanted more so grabbing the other cock started to suck it again, i told her to get on all 4s and i fucked her tight starfish MMM that was nice. then pulling out i began to finger fuck her 1, 2, 3, 4 fingers deep in her as she sucked his cock. what the hell i thought so i curled my fingers up into a small ball and fisted her as she suck him dry.

after he had left us, we sat and chated bout what happened, and yes we were both happy and satified. durning this chat shithead asked me "did you fist me, when i was sucking him?" yes i did "MMM" was all she said with a big smile.