28 Jan 2017

When I rocked up there Sam was already laying naked on the bed, Pete jumped on the bed and spread Sam's legs and started licking her hot pussy. I walked around to the side of the bed so I could be closer to Sam and started playing with Sam's beautiful boobs taking turns sucking on her nipples.

After awhile Pete and I swapped positions so I could lick her very wet pussy and Pete fed his cock to Sam's willing mouth, this went on for alittle bit until Pete needed to feel Sam's hot pussy wrapped around his cock and we swapped again so Pete could slide his hard cock into Sam's eager pussy.

While Pete was fucking Sam I went up near Sam's head so she could suck on cock until Pete wanted me to fuck Sam which I happily did while he layed next to her kissing her.

After awhile Pete wanted to try dp so I layed on the end of the bed and Sam jumped on top of me reverse cowgirl and leaned right back to give Pete's cock room to her pussy but it was just a tricky angle and we just couldn't make it happen, Pete got Sam to turn around so he could fuck her doggy style while I layed down on the bed infront of her so she could take my cock in her mouth while he fucked her hard. This was a very hot sight seeing Pete behind her fucking her hard while watching her boobs bouncing and swaying everywhere and feeling her hot mouth wrapped around my very hard cock. After awhile Pete stopped so Sam got me to slide down closer to the end of the bed where is mounted me in the cowgirl position and slid down my shaft and gave Pete a close up of my cock in her pussy and thats when Pete started to play with Sam's ass while she was riding me. I was enjoying heaps specially getting to play and suck Sam's boobs plus feeling Pete playing around down there was good too.

Sam needed to have a drink of water so she jumped off to get a drink and Pete layed on the bed so I leaned across and took his cock in my mouth and gave it a good sucking until he get Sam to jump on top of his hard cock cowgirl position, Pete told me to come around so he could suck my cock while Sam rode him plus he even tried playing with my ass aswell plus couldn't help myself and had to play with her boobs aswell in this position.

This went on for alittle bit until Sam rolled off needing a break so I started sucking Pete's cock again.

After alittle break Pete rolled over on top of Sam and slid his hard cock into her and started fucking her nice and deep, I layed down on the bed next to them in the opposite position so I could see his hard cock going into her hot pussy. While I was pulling myself off over the sight I was seeing I felt Sam's hand find my ass where she slid a finger into my ass which nearly got me to blow right then but I managed to hold off.

After awhile Petes pace picked up and then with a load moan he blow in Sam's pussy, after he rolled of I went over and started licking the cum out of her used pussy which tasted great.

Pete went out for a smoke so I kept licking and I stuck a finger in Sam's pussy and did this until Pete came back, he jumped on the bed next to her and put his arm around her and kissed her.

I got up and started rubbing my cock against her pussy until I was nice and hard and then slid into her, Sam felt really good and I tried to hold off aslong as I could which wasn't very long as it felt to good so I pulled out and blow all over Sam's stomach which ended a hot night of fun.