Written by not2old

1 Dec 2011

met this very nice couple at the dam at Tennant Creek.

Got chatting to a 50's pommy couple travelling around oz in a Winnebago, went over to say hello, Ray and Jan (not real names) were very relaxed, Jan was wearing a light top with bikini top underneath, showed her breasts off nicely, short shorts that rode up and displayed a very nice camel toe, Ray had on a pair of old "stubbies" that highlighted his package, and they didn't mind showing it off, Jan put on a show every now and then, bending over to move things that didn't need to be moved and generally showing me her body, Ray was very aware of me looking and seemed to appreciate it.

We talked about who we were and where we were from and they certainly had travelled a lot, they asked me if I would like to have a look at their photos, so we went into the winnebago and they sat me at the little kitchen table and put a laptop in front of me, it was a small area so we were quite close and by this time we had become comfortable with each other, Jan was standing on my right hand side and was searching the photos, she was rubbing her left breast on my arm/shoulder all the time and it was having an effect on my cock, I had gone out there for a swim, so only had on a thin pair of shorts with no undies, my cock was becoming quite evident.

As they were going through the photos I started to see quite a few shots of them on beaches, often posing in a sexy manner, I did make a few comments that they both looked very good for their age, and I was very impressed, with that! Jan changed the photo show to another folder and said I might appreciate these, WOW, I started to see semi nude nude and full frontal pictures of them, they seemed to very comfortable showing them to me and appreciated my comments, including some nude shots of Ray, told him he had a very nice cock, they then asked if "I played" which I said, I did and liked it all ways.

This seemed to be the signal, and they both got up and started kissing each other, Ray was feeling up Jan all over and making sure I could see everything, I was still sitting and said that it was very nice to see them doing this, they moved closer to the bed and proceeded to undress each other, this was heaven, Jan had beautiful tits and ass, her pussy was trimmed and looked like her pussy lips were shaved or waxed she was in pretty good shape,

Ray wasn't too bad either, when his cock sprung out I'm sure I moaned a little bit because they both smiled together, his cock was about 6-7 inches HARD and nice and fat with a big knob.

Jan sat on the bed and started sucking Ray's cock, he was reaching down and tweaking her nipples, it was beautiful when he grabbed her by her hair and slowly face fucked her, this was fucking hot.

Jan had reached between Rays legs and was running her hand between his ass cheeks, pausing at his ass hole and probing with a finger, I had decided that it was OK to get my cock out and was sitting at the table slowly wanking, Jan laid back on the bed and got Ray to move up near her head, she was pointing and fingering her pussy as an invitation to me, I didn't need to be asked twice, I started licking and sucking that lovely cunt, was very sweet, sucking her bud and running my tongue up and down her slit, Jan lifted her legs a bit higher which made her ass cheeks open to show me a very nice ass hole, I run my tongue over her ass hole a couple of times and her response was a lot of squirming and was obviously enjoying this attention.

her ass hole smelt very clean and I was wondering if they had prepared pretty well for this. by this time she had pulled her legs back by her side and had her ass and pussy completely open to me, I took the opportunity to bury my tongue in her ass, her moaning was very load with a mouthful of Rays cock, Ray had reached back and was finger fucking her and rubbing her clit, when he took his fingers out I licked his fingers, instead of taking them away he stuck his fingers in my mouth, Jan said she needed a cock and Ray wanted to go first, but he wanted to fuck her from behind, so with Jan on her knees, I helped Ray push his cock into Jan's pussy (I love that) I asked them to move up the bed so I could get underneath Jan and suck her clit, so while Ray was sliding his cock in and out I was licking her clit and made sure I let my tongue lick underneath his cock, he was saying how nice that was and I asked him to let me suck him on as he pulls out, Ray was fucking my mouth while Jan's pussy was smothering my nose, had to catch my breath every so often, Ray seemed to more interested in fucking my mouth than Jan's pussy so she crawled out and joined me sucking Ray's cock, this was nice we were tonguing and licking his cock,

he said he needed to blow and I gave him the signal it was OK, as he was blowing on both our faces Jan and I were sucking each others face and catching all of the cum, we kept licking face until we couldn't find any come.

Jan said fucking nice and now I need a cock in my ass.

She got on her knees and presented her ass to us and said lube me guys, Ray and I were having fun rubbing and pushing lube into her ass hole, when she said NOW, I got up above her in a crouching position so Ray could see all, as I was entering her ass Ray started massing her pussy and my balls, as I was in the crouch, Ray started to run his fingers up my crack, I let him know I liked it with an MMMMM, his fingers still had lube and he was probing my hole with his finger, by this stage I am nearly bursting so I was taking it very slowly in Jan's ass, as his finger entered me he realised my ass would take it it nicely and started to use a couple of fingers, he whispered can I fuck you bare, I said yes, I was too hot to be worried at this stage, he got behind me and proceeded to enter my ass with his cock, this is hard to manage so I just left my cock buried in Jan's ass and let Ray's movements do the job for all of us, by this time I was telling him I loved it in the ass and to fuck me hard, which was really making Jan moan and groan and saying she loved this and was close to cumming, Ray said he wanted to come in my ass and I just yelled YES as I was cumming, as I blew in Jan's ass I could feel the flood in my ass, I think Jan came at the same time, everything was just a blur, we held that position until our spasm's stopped, me buried to the hilt in Jan's ass and Ray in mine.

We broke apart and started to clean ourselves up, thanked each other for a great experience and i left and went home.

If you guys read this THANK YOU, was fucking incredible