Written by playfulcpl

23 Jan 2010

A 30 minute drive lead us to d and g's place, the door was opened by g a kiss on the cheek hello we walked through to meet d another kiss and hello and the door was shut behind us.

We sat at the table, opened a bottle of wine and r got a beer the conversation went well and along time had passed. The more drinks we had the more the conversation got to sex. At that point the 4 of us worked out that we all wanted to go further so we chatted about the things we liked to do.

Hands then started to move over to legs and all 4 of us were as horny as hell. My hand worked its way up g's shorts to find his cock I stroked it and it throbbed in my hand. G had his hand now at my pussy his fingers gliding along my very wet lips. We kissed and then glanced over to r and d they had moved to the sofa and were half naked kissing and touching each other like crazy sex staved maniacs.

G asked what I wanted to do and seeing there was no room on the sofa we headed to the next room which was the bedroom. In there we both undressed g's cock stood to attention and I could feel the wetness running down my legs.

We lay on the bed and kiss some more g moves down between my legs and opens them wide to get easy access to my pussy. With his fingers he spreads my lips and glides his tongue into my wet hole, it feels so good like a mini penis going in and out.

His tongue works from my hole up my lips until it meets my erect clit he licks the tip of it and I throb. My clit is on fire he gently sucks it, it feels so good I feel like I will explode.

I have to taste his cock so I move down to get access to his hard throbbing penis I lick down his shaft and then his balls sucking and licking each one. I move back to his cock and place it in my mouth slowly sucking it and slowly making it grow harder and harder in my mouth. I feel his cock jerking and he has pre cum leaking out, I lick it up tasting every drop.

He pushes me away as he doesn't want to cum just yet, and then asks me if we should get r and d in and join us on the bed.

So g goes out and in behind him are r and d they are both all hot and sweaty and looked like they had been having a good time.

Us two girls get on the bed first and then the guys either side of us , d really wants her first taste of another female and made that very clear that she wanted to have me.

Us two girls lay back and the guys are back between our legs having a feast on our pussy's, d reaches over and plays with my breasts then sucks on my nipples. She was getting very excited about doing this to me her first female she reached across and we kissed our lips locked and we had a very passionate kiss it was very hot.

D must have been really horny she got up and pushed g from between my legs she kissed down my stomach until she reached my pussy she spread my legs further apart and placed her lips on my wet and hot pussy. She must have liked it because she sure did dive in after that , putting her tongue right in my pussy hole trying to lap up everything she could get. This might have been her first time but she was sure good at it.

While she was going this g put his cock in my mouth and I started to work on his cock , r got behind d and fucked her doggy style while d was licking and sucking on my pussy. G was getting all hot and sweaty and needed a break so he went out to get a drink and have a smoke leaving the 3 of us to continue.

D sure did love my pussy she knew just what to do and when to do it , I was so wet and horny. We decided to change positions so r could fuck d from another angle d lay back and r got on top I helped him guide his big hard cock into her pussy it felt so good feeling his cock in her. I could feel her cunt grabbing onto r's cock trying to pull it deeper into her. While r was fucking her I played with her clit , twisting it gently between my fingers she must have liked it because she was moaning with pleasure. And with my other hand I cupped r's balls playing and squeezing them gently.

G came back in making a apology he said he had performance problems and just said it was better that he just watched.

Everyone was fine with this so the three of us spent awhile sucking, licking and pleasing each other while g watched. It was a very interesting night and d enjoyed her first bisexual experience. That's hope the next meeting will be a lot better for poor g and his penis be have's its self.

R and I went home and did what we normally do and that is talk about the night and fuck each other crazy'¦'¦.