Written by Nelly91

23 Oct 2013

i recently decided that i want to explore every single pleasures sex can give the easiest way i thought i could start was ofcourse ONLINE im sure that suprised you guys :p

2am and i was still online and extremely horny and the only thing that was going through my mind was cock and then i get an a message from this gorgeous guy he has broad shoulders a soft 6 packs tall dark and he had a tatto of a lion he told me he found my profile interesting and that he would love to chat only if i agree to do everything he said and that i cant change my mind after we meet he was being so mysterious yet so dominant and the first thing i thought to myself was i need to make him mine !! and then bang he sent me a image of his cock by then i started to think someone was playing around with me he couldnt be this perfect 8.5 inches so basically this guy had the whole package and the last thing i wanted was to miss out on his big fat cock.

i wanted to know about all of his fantasies so i could make them reality the more i asked him the more he told me and he did tell me he likes being the dom.male and when i told him i dont have proper experience with anal he was surprised and overtaken by it we spoke till about 7am we decided to meet that day after my class i had a quick shower and left to class (im a uni student studying education) i got out of class and he told me to meet him at a park he knew i thought this will give me a chance to meet him and get to know him better.

when i got there he was already there waiting i parked the car and i started to walk towards hiim he smiled and kissed me on the cheek, he took a step back and looked at me from head to toe and with a smirk on his face his exact words to me were "good girl you dressed the way i told you to " before we meet up he he told me to wear high heels with a mini skirt and a singlet but he told me i wasnt allowed to wear a bra underneath me.

the wind made my nipples really hard and you can see my nipples sticking out he slowly reached my boobs and started playing with them i started breathing heavily and i started to feel his cock on my pussy i could see in his eyes he was enjoying himself.

he then started rubbing my bum he leaned to my ear and said i cant wait to fuck it he then slowly started kissing my neck by then i was soaking wet and he knew that with out touching my pussy. he slowly lifted my skirt up a bit from the left side his fingers found my clit in a mater of two seconds he started rubbing my clit harder while he was licking my neck i started moaning he slapped my ass and told me to follow him.

ok so i did promise myself i wasnt going to his house as i felt it was too soon to enter his private life, but i couldntt resist him and what he got to offer. he asked if i wanted a couple of drinks while he went to change so we diced to have a couple of glasses of whisky he told me he wanted me to serve the drinks with my heels on i started to feel the effects of the alcohol i was burning and besides my bra and skirt i had nothing else on...as i was getting ice from the fridge i felt his cock on my ass he took of my bra and grabbed both of boobs in his hands and he pushed me on to the fridge with cock and he started rubbing against me from the back while his licking my neck he finally took of my skirt i was bare naked in front of a guy i just meet over the internet i tried turning towards him he pulled my hair and he said 'you only do what i tell you to do' accompanied with a slap on the bum while he had me turn my back he got naked. his hands slowly crept up from behind and lifted me up to his bedroom and he threw me on the bed he asked me again not to take of my heels he made me lay down and made me spread my legs he slowly went down on me i felt his tongue on my pussy he started moving his tongue right over my clit the faster he went the more i started to breath heavier i was going crazy when he put two fingers up my vagina while he was licking my clit