Written by Sallyxxx

19 Nov 2015

To shorten my story, my car had broken down in the country on a really hot day. I was lucky enough to be picked up by a guy slightly younger than me to get me into the nearby town. Once there after sorting a mechanic he invited me to his house for a cool drink and swim. He introduced himself as Dave and I noticed him checking me out on the drive in, probably my tight shorts and no bra status attracted some attention.

When we arrived we were in the kitchen having a drink when his girlfriend arrived with a towel around her having just got out of their pool. Attractive and tall with a great smile she seemed pleased to greet her new guest, Janet making it clear that they "played" a lot and that Dave probably wanted to fuck me. Hmmm well she was direct (as I like it) and I have done my share of "playing" although not recently since my current bf is a tad possessive.

Anyway it was time for a swim and we moved to the edge of a large pool. Janet dropped her towel, nice body, smallish tits with large nipples and a small runway. I watched Dave remove his shorts and T but only got a look at his rear that looked pretty good. I was quick to follow and enjoyed the cool water, We frolicked around a bit, Dave & Janet were busy touching me up and I was becoming super horny. I now had Dave's cock in my hand that was very hard and big, my bf could have done with the extra 3-4cm! Janet starting sucking on a nipple and Dave was fingering me, my clit super hard and sensitive. I cum very easily with that kind of touching and I suggested that we get out and dry and further enjoy each other's company. Like, now!

We found their large King bed and I got a good look at Dave's lovely cut cock that was bobbing around. I lay down and put it in my mouth, Janet was licking my thighs as I opened my legs for her to access to my soaked pussy. I always find it difficult sucking a cock while my cunt is being eaten, sort of distracting really but it felt like bliss. And fairly quickly i started to cum much to Janet's delight while I tried not to bite Dave's cock off. Janet was fingering herself while this was happening and I thought it was time to explore her. She had a shaved pussy with a wide thigh gap and a prominent clit and all this was slippery wet. Dave not to be left out entered me doggy and I could feel is large cock pushing against my cervix. Yummy!

It didn't take much for Dave to cum, I felt him squirt a huge load into me that then triggered me to cum again.

Dave was temporarily spent so Janet and I got into 69 and I soon got her to cum and I sucked her out while her shuddering subsided.

We then started on Dave's cock, licking off his cum until he was ready for further action. We spent several hours "playing", Dave fucked us both, Janet retrieved some of her toys and she and I came some more as Dave looked on.

Time for another swim and a drink then pick up my car.

Memorable indeed!! I didn't tell my bf though.