15 Mar 2020

I was lucky enough to have met a wildly entertaining and naughty couple on another website. Conveniently, they enjoyed wine and fun as much as me, though I hardly expected to hear from them again - such is often the case as a swingle.

Having received a message from Mrs Swinger at lunch on Wednesday, I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar - I had an important client meeting in town at a local hotel in the CBD.

On arriving, Mr Swinger buzzed me up. Opening the door, I expected to see Mr and Mrs having an afternoon drink. Instead, Mrs Swinger was propped up in the middle of the king size bed, magic wand against her pussy, with 4 other men standing watching her. Cocks out; she was clearly enjoying the attention.

There was nothing to do, but remove my suit - after all I was clearly over dressed!

What followed was an incredibly naughty and messy afternoon. Mrs Swinger enjoyed being the centre of attention, and adeptly handled all five gentlemen. I throughly enjoyed having Mrs straddle my face while her hubby took her from behind, before sliding up so that hubby and I could ensure her request for dp was filled.

After an afternoon of fun, Mrs Swinger informed hubby she was ready for some cum. She beckoned us all to remove our condoms and make sure she could taste us all. We did not need encouraging. I was first, enjoying Mrs suck me to climax, while watching hubby fuck her raw before finishing inside. The other gentlemen followed suit onto her tongue.

It was an incredibly fun afternoon - and well worth blocking out in my calendar.

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