Written by Satisfied

29 Jan 2014

I decided to listen to the advice of the comments from my last little story and I decided to try meeting a guy again. Wootwoo! This meeting was fucking awesome! So from now I'll be known as Satisfied rather than Unsatisfied ;-)

I am absolutely spent. We were at the beach for about four hours.  I have decided that I definitely love the nudist Beach!  We walked down the beach which was a lovely walk.  Me in my bikini,  him in his boardies. When we got to the border of the nudist section there were a lovely couple sunbathing naked.  That made me a bit braver. We got to "his spot" where we laid out the blankets etc and stripped off. That was scary.  But exciting.  He offered to apply my sunscreen which turned into a lovely breast massage which led to me laying him down and giving him an awesome head job. I rolled over to let him kiss my neck and down my chest and looked up to see two guys watching us with their cocks in their hands. One of them asked me if I was interested in playing with other guys and I said not this time around.  They asked if we minded them watching and he looked at me and kind of asked with his eyes.  Knowing that he would tell them to piss off if I wanted him to made me feel braver and so I said that they could watch.  He knelt in between my legs and inserted two fingers and gave me an amazing orgasam. He lifted my legs to his shoulders and slid his thick hard cock into my waiting pussy. The sensation of him fucking me and the guys watching made me orgasam very very quickly.  He followed suit and pulled out and blew all over my stomach.  He then took me by the hand and we went for a swim.  We lay in the water talking for a while and then walked up to our towels and lay there talking for ages.  He started playing with my breasts and I was ready again quickly.  So I rode him and brought us both to orgasam again.  Back into the water to rinse off and swim some more.  The tide was way out so we didn't spend much time in the water. Back onto the sand and lay talking some more.  All in all it was a lovely day.  My bum is a bit sunburned but aside from that, it was a terrific day.  Yay :-)