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5 Oct 2020

A day at the beach....

When going to the beach one day we got more than expected...


10 minute read

One hot sunny day we decided to go to the beach, and you decided to dress in a tight hot pink Bikini, accentuating your nipples and lovely figure, i was hard in an instant, and i think you could see that through my Boardies. It was hard to concentrate on the road on the drive to the beach. When we arrived and hopped out of the car the hot sun felt sultry, and the cool ocean breeze felt great on my bare skin, you glancing me up and down and smiled as you could see that i was excited through my Boardies, i also noticed your nipples poking through your Bikini top, it wasn't that cold i thought to myself.... We started walking onto the hot sand to the water, there were quite a few people around that day, and a lot of males eyes were on you instantly, i held your hand and suggested we go somewhere a little more quiet, and you agreed with a smile. Further down the beach it turned into a Nudist Beach, and as we reached it there were a few people in the dunes sun-baking, and a couple of people in the water, not too bad looking either, and i noticed you looking at one of the men. While we have had some experience of this before it was certainly a hotter day to be out in the sun on the nudist beach so i suggested we go up to the dunes, and then you said sure. As we reached a quiet spot in the dunes i noticed we had a male follower from when we arrived, but as he carried on walking past us i paid no more attention to it. We settled down onto our beach towels and put our sunscreen on. I slowly slipped off my shorts off over my rock hard cock and instantly felt the hot sun on it, it felt great, i noticed that you were watching too, although i am not a muscular build i do run and keep fit and you admit that I not too bad " you'd better watch out you don't burn" you said "i'd hate for your cock to get burnt" "i guess you should rub some sunscreen on it then" i replied. With a smirk on your face you leaned over me, i couldn't help feeling your tight ass as you did, man it looked hot in that bikini bottom, you took the hemp oil, poured it into your hand and caressed it between your fingers for a few seconds, then sat over me and massaged the sunscreen into my stomach with both hands, working your way down to my hips, pausing there for a moment, then working your way to my cock, briefly rubbing up and down my shaft, then over my balls and back up my shaft, you were smiling as you did this and you knew exactly what you were doing to me. You then massaged the top of my legs in a circular motion, your nails touching my balls briefly and it felt great, there all done you said and lay back down. "hey" i said "no fair".You had that smirk on your face and i knew you had been teasing me. Gee you looked hot, your dyed hair, hazel green eyes, size 8 with a hot pink bikini pants on, thats it i thought,your turn!!!. I picked up the oil and said roll over i'll do your back first. "Sure" you said, i squirted the oil all over your back, and you shrieked a little as it was a little cool still. I massaged it all over your back and it warmed up pretty quick, i ran my hands down the sides of your hot butt and said that I have to remove these so that they dont get oily, then having done so, massaged the top of your legs, down your calves to your ankles and back up your legs, over your butt this time, over the small of your back and up to your shoulders, i heard you moan and felt your whole body relax so i just continued to enjoy my hands massaging you. Around this time i noticed there was that guy on the top of the Dunes behind us playing with himself watching us, i wasn't too worried as we often fantasised about other people watching and playing with us, and this guy wasn't too bad looking and we were on a Nudist beach after all. I gently whispered to you that we were being watched, I had done this plenty of times before in bed and i think you thought i was just doing the same again. "roll over" i said and you did, your eyes were closed as you were enjoying my hands. I squirted oil on your pert breasts and massaged it into them both with my hands, my hard cock was brushing against your side and i soon felt your fingers on it, stroking up and down. I noticed the guy was now stroking his cock without hesitation and enjoying watching you, "are you sure you don't mind being watched" i said again to you, "mmm of course not" you moaned, as you had plenty of times before in bed. Your pussy was trimmed and was moist by now and you must of enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun and cool breeze on it, i immediately ran my tongue over it and you opened your legs even wider and pushed your hips up to accommodate me, i teased and licked you for all it was worth- hey i had a show to perform- and enjoyed hearing you moaning, and you started playing with your breast as i licked you. Oh my God it was wonderful, hot sunny, exposed to the sun, fresh and incredibly erotic. After a couple of minutes licking and probing your hot wet pussy with my tongue you were begging me to put my hard cock in, and i had to oblige. I moved up and felt the instant pleasure as i entered your warm tight moist pussy. I pumped hard then slow, hard then slow and as you were enjoying every moment of it, being on top, i could also watch the guy on the dune masturbating over us having sex on the beach, in his late 50's, pumping his cock hard watching you enjoying me. I leant down and whispered into your ear "are you enjoying putting on a show" and you replied right back "yes" and moaned again. I moved my fingers up to your moist full lips and you ran your tongue over them and then started sucking on them giving them a blow job (as you give great head when you are not rough or over excited with my advances) as you really started grinding your hips into me then and i wasn't sure if you were fucking me or i you. I glanced up to see the guy was just squirting his cum all over his towel, "you're starting to make him cum" i said and you moaned as you moved your lips back and forth over my two fingers in rhythm to my cock going back and forth in your pussy. I looked up and the guy had left, but there was an older guy there also watching, mouth wide open, pulling his cock and getting a jolly masturbating and watching us. You know how it is on a hot summer day feeling horny, and i was enjoying putting on a show. The sensation was also nervous, and I was curious on how you felt, as part of me thought it strange and private, and part of me thought you thought it voyeuristic. While we see our love making as a bond and exceedingly special, I dont mind if we show our affection openly ( well saying at this point instead of doing). I whispered to you to roll over and let me take you from behind and you moved around and knelt on your knees so i could kneel behind you and slip it in as we did at Garie beach the other day, with those people around, how discreet that was, and so exciting. You rocked up and down on my cock, i moved my hands in from behind and started massaging your breasts, you moaned with pleasure as i did this and moved up and down even faster enjoying the feeling of pleasure. I was pumping eagerly from behind and thoroughly enjoying the situation and feeling,once warmed up i can be an exhibitionist. You opened your eyes and said in a quiet voice someone is watching us, i know i replied, let him. You must of been in too much pleasure as you continued pumping your hips back and forth faster and faster, pleasuring my cock and your pussy for quite a few minutes until i felt you explode in orgasm ( something we havent done 4 a while) and let out a loud moan to great enjoyment of our friend who then came all over the sand in front of himself, then wiping himself, he got up and walked away, you then turned to me and let me masturbate all over your breasts. After that we cleaned up and lay on the sand enjoying ourselves cuddling and touching each other. As the sun beat down we went for swims, and came back time and time again to our towel, to drink some champagne and enjoy the hot sun. Lying there it was fabulous with the sun beating down and the sound of the sea, very relaxing and pleasant. We turned over a couple of times and applied some oil to each other, and it was when we were applying oil to each other that the first guy we had seen earlier came by and said hello. "Quite a show you guys put on there", wish my wife was here to enjoy that". "Oh shes in hospital, and recuperating so I thought Id pop down and see whose here". Hmmm, you and I looked at each other. OK. How many times have we heard that story? Mind if I sit down he said, ok, not a problem. He dropped his towel down and was seated the other side of you, me on one side and him on the other. Lying back down we started to get some more rays on our bodies. He was well endowered, and I could tell he fancied you. I thought that I better have another drink, so we drank some more champers, and offered our friend some which he gladly took. I thought I had better rub some more oil on you, and as I did he barked up, oh, can I have a turn. By now you were liking the attention, and didnt mind having another person applying oil to your body.. The guy got an instant erection.. WOW, he was very good and smooth in rubbing the oil on you gently, over your breasts and down your stomach. My heart was racing and I was incredibly excited by now. I was sporting my own erection. He obviously noticed it and said, "why dont you take over from here" to which I quickly did and rubbed into your pussy.. By now I just couldnt hold back so I inserted tow fingers inside you and began sucking at the same time, driving you wild. Our friend has obviously lost control of himself and dissapeared, leaving us to fully engage in our own intimate encounter... It was so nice, I was just in heaven with you that day as we made love again, and fully pleasured ourselves and each other. That was a great day at the beach although, we haven't been back to a Nudist beach since but i still remember it well and would love to get you in this mood again, maybe one day ;)

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