Written by thetongueman

30 Dec 2013

My woman, (lets call her "slut") and I parked at Broadway mid-morning and had a very pleasant walk to Darling Harbour to meet some friends for lunch. We said our goodbyes and slut and I decided to have some fun. We were going to a sex shop, come hell or high water, and whatever happened - happened! We went back to the car to park closer to where we were going and without me knowing, my slut took her panties off before getting out of the car. We then walked down George Street and found Club X. In we went and you don't want to know, they had a little cinema showing X-rated porn. We paid our way in and took a seat each near the wall. There were two older guys already inside and when they saw a woman walk in, they immediately started to pay attention. A movie was playing showing two girls licking each other. I kissed my slut and put my hands down between her legs to lift her skirt up around her hips. I then slid my index finger up her cunt. The man in front of us kept turning around to see what was happening and I encouraged him to keep watching by opening her cunt up for him to get a better look. My slut moved her hand down to finger herself and his glasses nearly fell off! He changed seats to be closer and get a better look. By this time I was moving my fingers in and out of my slut's cunt and she was very wet and beginning to moan. Another older guy came and sat on the back of a seat in front of us, but to the side. I lifted my slut's leg over the side of her chair so the older guy had a bird's eye view of her cunt. She moaned with pleasure as she realised what I had done - and why. I was fucking her hard now with three fingers and nobody was watching the movie! My slut then whispered to me that she wanted me to fuck her mouth. I stood up in front of her and dropped my pants. I held her head in my hands and proceeded to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. As I started to do this, the cinema door opened and another older guy walked in. He looked around and then came and sat directly behind us. While watching me fuck my slut's mouth he put his hands down his trousers and started to pull his cock. Now I was really horny and started to fuck her mouth harder. She responded by putting a finger up herself and the two men who were sitting in front of us began to masturbate while I fucked her mouth and she fucked her cunt. Nobody made a move towards us - they just enjoyed the show we were putting on. I realised I was going to cum and wanted to fuck her properly so started to drag her from the cinema. As we left one of the guys reached out, patted her arse and said thanks! I continued to drag her out of the room and into one of the booths - pushed the door shut and fucked her until we both came. When we walked out of the booth, one of the guys had been standing outside the door listening to us. We walked back into the shop area and all three guys were there with the guy behind the counter - I think discussing us! Upon seeing us, one of the guys said that I should buy her dinner. We laughed and then left. We had a great time. I enjoyed showing off my slut and she enjoyed opening her legs for strangers to watch. Everything being equal, we will definitely be going back - and maybe go a bit further next time as there is a little stage just the right size for a performance. The fact that the atmosphere was sleazy made it all the more enjoyable. And so ended our day out in the city! A day we will never forget.